• The Welsh Local Government Agency said that information was already available with regards to the shipment of waste and that the measure would be an "extra burden" on local authorities.

    BBC: Debate on shipment of waste for recovery measure

  • The parish's newly elected president, who doesn't support the previous local government's housing policies, says the local government is working to comply with the agency's orders.

    WSJ: A Texas-Size Housing Fight

  • Apple said it has now stopped all business with PZ and informed local government about a large labour agency, Shenzhen Quanshun Human Resources Company, which it alleged had been knowingly providing the children to PZ, even helping families to forge false age verification documents.

    FORBES: Apple Investigation: 0.01% Of Their Workforce Was Under Age

  • Local companies developing to these standards receive strong financial support via incentives, direct subsidies or government agency procurement policies, ensuring they quickly win the local market.

    FORBES: The China Paradox, Part 2: The Trouble With Going Global

  • On Wednesday the government handed the responsibility to Salt Cell - a group including the Department for Transport, Highways Agency and Communities and Local Government Department.

    BBC: Ice causes further travel chaos

  • "We did not want to find ourselves with 10, 000 fans 2km (1.5 miles) from the factory and with no means of confining them or evacuating them if necessary, " local government official Florence Gouache told AFP news agency.

    BBC: French Lubrizol factory struggles to stop foul gas leak

  • Scottish government agency Marine Scotland consulted the local authority on MeyGen Limited's proposed 86 megawatt project.

    BBC: Waves

  • "We are sending security forces to rescue the passengers, " Sarvendu Tathagat, a local government official in Jharkhand, told Reuters news agency.

    BBC: Maoist rebels seize Indian train

  • State and local government agencies, such as the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning in this fleet management example, can help spur innovation through free market competition.

    FORBES: Why Rahm Emmanuel Should Use More School Vouchers

  • Francis Karimi, a local government official in Baragoi, told AP news agency nearly 1, 500 people had fled in buses from Lemerok, a Turkana village in the valley.

    BBC: Kenyan army sent to Samburu to aid ambushed police

  • Local government administrator Yousuf Harun told the Associated Press news agency that they are working with a garment industry body to ensure the workers are paid.

    BBC: Bangladesh building collapse death toll passes 700

  • If you go into any government-run entity, from the local Social Security agency to the local DMV, you can see what happens when an employee is not accountable to the customer.

    CNN: Commentary: How GOP can manage Tea Party

  • Tom Neff, director of local government services in the Department of Community Affairs, a New Jersey state agency, says he does not foresee instances of eminent domain in the near term.

    WSJ: Battle of the Beach

  • In the FBI's weekly intelligence bulletin, dated Wednesday and sent out to state and local law enforcement offices, the agency said the U.S. government has no "credible threats about specific attacks, " according to a senior administration official who has a copy of it.

    CNN: White House urges 'joyous' but vigilant Fourth

  • Clear signs of an emerging regional consciousness at least among the conference-going classes emerged this month at a conference in Manchester held by three big North-Western organisations: the regional assembly (which brings together local councils, other public organisations and voluntary groups), the regional development agency, and the government office for the North-West.

    ECONOMIST: Why the North-West is getting keener on a regional assembly

  • With a conservation easement, you give some or all of the development rights on your land to a government agency or not-for-profit (there are more than 1, 700 local land trusts), and you get a federal income tax deduction for the gift (the difference in the value of the land before and after the easement is in place).

    FORBES: Good And Bad News For Conservationists In New Tax Law

  • The auditors found an astonishing lack of communication between the government's Benefits Agency, which pays income support and the jobseekers' allowance, and local councils' housing-benefit offices.

    ECONOMIST: Home sweet fraud

  • Local press reported that the government was considering military intervention to help quell the violence, though state-run Anatolian News Agency said the foreign ministry denied it.

    WSJ: U.N. Vetoes to Inflame Syrian Conflict

  • But while state government officials remain tight-lipped about the possible death toll, according to local media reports and one national news agency, the United News of India, more than 120 people may have died as a result of the cold spell.

    BBC: India hit by cold snap

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