• He could use part of his transition to tour the world, certainly listening to friends and rivals alike but also gently making clear the limits of his presidency.

    ECONOMIST: America's election

  • But most families do not have the rest of the world listening to every word.

    ECONOMIST: Joe Lieberman, Brutus or Moses?

  • He flew around the world listening to employee concerns.

    FORBES: Ready For Battle

  • Yet they all inhabit an extreme emotional world, and listening to the whole cycle is a disturbing and enriching experience.

    ECONOMIST: Classical music on CD

  • The legislation being debated by the public on treason, secession and subversion is similar to that which is in place in most countries of the world--including the U.S. Hong Kong is listening to its people in an attempt to get the wording exactly right--this will be legislation drafted and enacted by Hong Kong people.

    FORBES: Readers Say

  • Reading and listening to the comment, it is easy to believe that the financial world is held together with tissue paper.

    FORBES: My 50% rule

  • Being unable to engage in the simple art of listening effectively leaves you lost in your own one-dimensional world.

    FORBES: Know, Like…Trust? Not a Chance!

  • Whoever wins the presidential election will find himself governing in an inter-connected world where listening to our overseas partners and competitors is more critical than ever.

    FORBES: The Other Davos

  • With an astounding suite of audio technologies in the SB-Axx1 chip, Sound BlasterAxx delivers dramatic enhancements to two of our fundamental daily activities in the intricate new world of audio: listening and talking.

    ENGADGET: Creative announces Sound BlasterAxx wireless speakers with mics (update: hands-on!)

  • Listening to a General Manager of a telecommunication technology company lament about his pipeline reveals the extent to which the old world is clashing with the new.

    FORBES: Six Ways to Bust the Social Media Hype

  • Listening to your heart, do you really think that so long as many bright people in all corners of the world were victims of a mirage in front of their test tubes and in front of their calculations?

    FORBES: Cold Fusion: Theory or Fact?

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