• John Denham was, until March 2003, a middle ranking minister, latterly serving at the Home Office.

    BBC: John Denham

  • Profit margins are under pressure from high oil prices and, latterly, from a pickup in wage growth.

    ECONOMIST: Europe��s monetary policy: The wages of sin | The

  • Eto'o also won the prestigious award in 2003, 2004 and 2005 while playing in Spain, latterly with Barcelona.

    BBC: Samuel Eto'o wins record fourth African Player award

  • Mr Duncan had been a member of the Crescent Church in Belfast for many years, latterly as a church elder.

    BBC: Man dies after falling into sea near Portstewart harbour

  • Tory Euroscepticism grew more virulent, as latterly did the determination of the remaining Tory Europhiles not to surrender to it.

    ECONOMIST: John Major

  • He is the chairman of the Highlands and Islands Enterprise and was latterly chairman of Scottish government agency, Skills Development Scotland.

    BBC: Report calls for Scottish colleges to do better

  • The Riche also faced dastardly new competitors, from sports bars and foreign chains to low-rent hookah joints and latterly the internet.

    ECONOMIST: The caf�� at the heart of revolutionary Cairo

  • In 1956 Mr Vernon went to Harvard and stayed there for the rest of his career, latterly as professor of international affairs.

    ECONOMIST: Raymond Vernon

  • His convicted killer son, latterly of Inverness, has always maintained his innocence.

    BBC: Murder appeal delayed over judge who jailed father

  • He said the lease's importance to islanders had "slipped below the radar" and only latterly had the issue come to the attention of ministers.

    BBC: South Ayrshire Stalking defends Raasay role

  • Kikkoman, for example, founded in 1630 and now the world's leading maker of soy sauce, has expanded into food flavouring and, latterly, into biotech.

    ECONOMIST: What is the secret of corporate longevity?

  • There is a similar story at Barclays, where the CDS price has increased more than a third latterly to more than 240 basis points.

    BBC: Investors love the UK but not its banks

  • That sense of family extends to their crew and their legion of fans, all of whom have discovered the band through word-of-mouth and, latterly, the Internet.

    CNN: Hands up, I'm an Iron Maiden fan

  • It does not believe that wage cuts are necessary to restore competitiveness and to reduce unemployment, the accepted wisdom in places like Ireland and, latterly, Greece.

    ECONOMIST: Rigidities in the labour market make recovery even harder

  • The banks look healthy largely because of repeated capital infusions, initially from the Chinese government but latterly also from foreign strategic partners and the capital markets.

    ECONOMIST: Chinese banks: Rot in the vaults | The

  • Previously popular as a terminal for ferries to and from the Isle of Wight it was latterly used as the backdrop for The Who's rock opera Tommy.

    BBC: Southsea's South Parade Pier fails to sell at auction

  • Latterly, Mr Cummings moved into the market for antique weapons.

    ECONOMIST: Samuel Cummings

  • The serious case review said Child BO5's parents "had been involved in a long-standing relationship punctuated by significant periods of instability, marital violence and alcohol misuse, particularly latterly by mother".

    BBC: Doncaster children: Who are they?

  • Becoming a proponent of Mr Sharon's unilateral disengagement and latterly backing former US President George W Bush's call for the formation of a Palestinian state was a major ideological transition for Ms Livni.

    BBC: Profile: Tzipi Livni

  • Latterly, the reluctance of his party first to make common cause with the Scottish Nationalists, then to put euthanasia in its manifesto, made him choose in 2001 to stand, not altogether gloriously, as an independent.

    ECONOMIST: Ludovic Kennedy

  • His enjoyable and informative canter through three millennia of intellectual and religious history highlights the many ways, ingenious, beautiful, wrongheaded or mad, in which humans have tried to define paradise, seek it or, latterly, create it.

    ECONOMIST: Heaven on earth

  • The plan also involves parachuting in as chief executive of the Fiat parent company Enrico Bondi, an old Mediobanca hand who made his reputation turning round the Ferruzzi agro-chemicals business and, latterly, sorting out troubled Telecom Italia.


  • Moreover, he says he will listen more to his party colleagues and campaigners than latterly Mr Bildt did: he seemed more interested in foreign policy than in trying, year after year, to break the age-old mould of Swedish politics.

    ECONOMIST: Sweden��s new right-winger

  • Latterly its reputation has improved, although its decision to drop the Saudi Arabian aspect of a corruption case against BAE Systems saw it widely criticised, because it was seen to be buckling under pressure from the then government of Tony Blair.

    BBC: SFO: Can it survive Tchenguiz humiliation?

  • Many immigrants were marooned at the bottom end of the labour market, some in doomed industries such as textiles, cut off from their families and latterly relegated in government priorities, as they saw it, to a place below new European migrants.

    ECONOMIST: Bagehot

  • The 45-year-old Frenchman -- who will lead the side known as the 'Indomitable Lions' for the first time against Austria -- follows in the footsteps of Winfried Schafer, Artur Jorge, Arie Haan and latterly Otto Pfister to become the African nations fifth European coach since 2004.

    CNN: Is Le Guen the best man for Cameroon?

  • Fozzard joined the Robins from St Helens on a two-year contract at the start of the season but latterly has been in and out of the side and was left out of the team by Morgan, Rhys Morgan preferred to the former Great Britain prop forward at the Jungle.

    BBC: Fozzard set to return for Hull KR

  • "Although I love the country as a second home and one that has treated me incredibly well, I would, as a concerned parent first -- and latterly, of a one-year-old daughter who may attend an American elementary school like Sandy Hook in three years' time -- seriously consider deporting myself, " he wrote.

    CNN: Social media abuzz over Piers Morgan vs. Alex Jones

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