• The SPR is stored in a series of massive underground salt domes on the U.S. Gulf Coast, immediately adjacent to several internal energy transport hubs.

    FORBES: Obama Taps Strategic Petroleum Reserve Without Good Reason

  • The EU should work harder at reducing its dependence on Russian energy imports and improving internal energy connections and EU countries should stop striking bilateral deals with Russia.

    ECONOMIST: The war in Georgia

  • If Japan had regained its internal energy--say, through remarkable technologies in resource recovery and efficiency, beyond the celebrated hybrid auto engines--the world's number two economy could be zigging while so many others are zagging.

    FORBES: Karachi to Tokyo

  • All that provided a rich cultural context for them when they play the game, so that they understand all the things people do things like acupuncture, the gathering of Chi or internal energy, and so on.

    FORBES: Connect

  • The memorandum provides a rare glimpse of the administration's internal debates over energy subsidies and Recovery Act spending.

    WSJ: U.S. Weighs Funding for Renewable Energy Projects

  • It uses nanoscale materials to boost the performance of its batteries (making an electrode out of nanoparticles increases its surface area, which in turn decreases the battery's internal resistance and improves its ability to store and deliver energy).

    ECONOMIST: The electrification of motoring

  • Benedict is a teaching pope, a man who prefers the life of the mind to the nuts and bolts of government, yet an enormous share of his time and energy has been consumed trying to put out internal fires.

    CNN: 'Gay lobby' behind pope's resignation? Not likely

  • Supercapacitors have a big internal surface-area that allows a large amount of energy to be delivered rapidly and are used in some electric cars to provide a short burst of power for rapid acceleration and in hybrids to recover energy during braking.

    ECONOMIST: Carbon-composite batteries

  • Dr. Vladimir Kliatzkin, a scientist with more than 40 years of experience in energy production and accumulation systems for aviation, internal combustion engines and hybrid systems, originally developed the innovative wind-power technology and is currently commercializing various applications incorporating the technology through WinFlex.

    FORBES: Inflatable Wind Turbines Pass Laugh Test

  • Oil is found in relatively few places, and its energy density, pumpability and ease of use in internal-combustion engines makes it particularly well suited as a transportation fuel.

    ECONOMIST: Unconventional gas

  • It is a pretty wide-ranging set of discreet policies, subsidies, incentives, disincentives and restrictions that is administered by various federal departments and agencies, including the Department of the Interior, the Energy Department, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, OSHA, and even the Internal Revenue Service.

    FORBES: Bad Energy Policy And Its Effects In The Oil And Gas World

  • However, last term Ryan's team finished sixth in the table and lost the EDF Energy Cup final to Cardiff Blues, prompting chairman Tom Walkinshaw to launch an internal review which culminated in Ryan's departure.

    BBC: Rookie boss Redpath eyes success

  • Republican lawmakers have held hearings on the issue, and six GOP members of the House Energy and Commerce committee wrote last week to more than a dozen insurers asking them to turn over internal analyses on the law's impact on premiums and costs.

    WSJ: Health Insurers Warn on Premiums

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