• Sure, we carefully covered every inch of trim in a heavy moving blanket beforehand, lest some sharp bit of bike drivetrain nip at the Targa's interior, but the point is, we did it, and even drove home with our Italian cargo and our loaner German hauler both arriving unscathed.

    FORBES: Test Drives

  • All models have increased boot space because of the relocation of the charging point and an enhanced interior trim.

    ENGADGET: New Nissan Leaf comes to the UK with battery leasing option, extended range

  • Their bulging, compound, lidless eyes zero in on the exterior signs that point to a flower's interior nectar--spots, dots and stripes.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Interior Secretary Ken Salazar was at pains over the weekend to point out that 30% of the nation's energy supplies come from those wells, and there would be grave harm to the U.S. economy if there were any appreciable suspension of such flows.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: The oil leak's silver lining?

  • Your low point was reached with Bruce Babbitt, Bill Clinton's Secretary of the Interior.

    FORBES: Advice to Dems--Just Say Yes

  • And the current human rights official at the Interior Ministry, Lia Limon, admitted that the newly published list was only "a starting point".

    BBC: Mexico estimates 26,000 missing since 2006

  • One last point: Airbnb has accumulated what they are calling one of the largest collections of interior photography on the planet, including about a million professional property shots.

    FORBES: Move up http://i.forbesimg.com t Move down

  • The company sought permission from the Department of the Interior before filming in May as drivers hit the road in vehicles rigged with 15-lens cameras that point in all directions, Rapoport said.

    MSN: Google's Death Valley drive with the click of a mouse

  • The retirees point to a 2004 opinion written by then-Attorney General Ken Salazar, now secretary of the Interior in the Obama administration, that a retired public-sector worker's pension "becomes a vested contractual obligation of the pension program that is not subject to unilateral change of any type" by the legislature.

    WSJ: Pension Cuts Face Test in Colorado, Minnesota

  • Iraq's Interior Ministry, however, said the ban has been lifted in some areas, and witnesses said a vehicle entry point into Sadr City has been opened.

    CNN: Sadr City fighting rages for seventh day

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