• Starbucks is also seeing strong demand for VIA, an instant coffee brand launched last year.

    FORBES: Starbucks Cannot Thrive On Poured Drinks Alone

  • But the agave nectar served with my Starbucks Viva instant coffee that accompanied the pumpkin and pecan pies peaked my interest.

    FORBES: Is Agave Nectar Healthy For You?

  • The company will continue to try to wrench gains from a consumer goods business that includes K-cups, Via instant coffee packs and packaged coffee, which are infiltrating supermarkets across the U.S. and internationally.

    FORBES: Starbucks' Growth Offers Better Brew Than Dividend

  • That instant coffee I was forced to buy out of a vending machine (see how I suffered?), also not deductible: you cannot deduct the cost of meals that are not part of inpatient care.

    FORBES: Paying For Getting Better: What's Deductible?

  • Ben Jonson will appear a line after a popular instant coffee blend has been mentioned, Dante will be found next to a mime artist, Marcel Marceau, and Lawes himself figures auditioning for Ronnie Scott.

    ECONOMIST: Hard work-but worth it

  • Indeed, for big, high-value choices, that seems obvious: when Starbucks introduced its instant coffee, or when Applied Materials moved its manufacturing and engineering base to Asia, those decisions involved sizable amounts of resources and significant risk.

    FORBES: What Are Your Critical Decisions?

  • To achieve these feats, Nektar's scientists performed hundreds of hours of computer simulations, tested more than a dozen different formulations of dried insulin and traveled around the world drawing inspiration from ancient Chinese seeds, plants in the Mexican desert and production techniques used in making instant coffee, powdered milk, aviation aerodynamics, truck fuel injectors and industrial vacuum pumps.

    FORBES: The Impossible Made Possible

  • In April this year, it introduced its instant-coffee packets in China and expanded beyond coffee stores to sell consumer packaged goods in the region.

    FORBES: China Takes Starbucks To Next Level

  • CD-quality sound on the company's instant-messaging service could provoke even steamier gossip around the coffee pot.

    ECONOMIST: MONITOR: Instant messaging joins the firm | The

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