• Now, since last weekend, FEMA has been deploying its Incident Management Assistance Teams to staging areas in communities up and down the coast.

    WHITEHOUSE: President Obama Delivers a Statement on Hurricane Irene

  • The effort has integrated several transportation subsystems to handle traffic management and monitoring, incident management and traveler information from one transit management information center.

    CNN: Oregon offers real-time bus stop data

  • At the request of states, FEMA is proactively deploying Incident Management Assistance Teams to multiple states up and down the Eastern seaboard to assist efforts as state and local partners prepare for the storm.

    WHITEHOUSE: Readout of the President��s Briefing on Hurricane Sandy

  • Currently, over 2, 300 FEMA personnel are deployed to affected states up and down the East Coast, and that includes 14 Incident Management Assistant Teams, as well as FEMA liaisons embedded in state emergency operation centers.

    WHITEHOUSE: The White House

  • Before Isaac made landfall, FEMA dispatched four Incident Management Assistance Teams to emergency operations centers in Gulf states and positioned two Mobile Emergency Response Support teams and additional resources in locations nearby the areas expected to be affected by the storm.

    WHITEHOUSE: Update on Hurricane Isaac

  • As of this morning, FEMA has more than 400 personnel already on the ground supporting the response, including three national Urban Search and Rescue Teams, an Incident Management Assistance Team, as well as personnel focused on helping survivors register for and receive the federal assistance made available by the major disaster declaration signed by the President on Monday night.

    WHITEHOUSE: Our Top Stories

  • Marsar says becoming a captain and joining the incident-management team were natural career steps.

    NPR: After Sept. 11, a Firefighter Answers Call to Lead

  • Today, he's a 44-year-old captain for the department and a member of the city's incident-management team, a small, highly trained group set up after Sept. 11.

    NPR: After Sept. 11, a Firefighter Answers Call to Lead

  • Better management would have prevented the incident, but the management problems are not confined to a one company, Graham's co-chairman, William K. Reilly, said.


  • What data protection and information management failures led to the incident?

    FORBES: Lessons From WikiLeaks

  • The integration of in-depth global risk analysis, traveler tracking, and real time incident alerts can provide predictive intelligence to management and those responsible for the safety and security of employees.

    FORBES: Names You Need To Know: NC4 Situational Readiness

  • Analysts questioned the firm's risk management during the Wednesday conference call, especially regarding the incident on the credit desk in London.

    FORBES: John Mack Needs A Win For Morgan Stanley

  • But the marriage quickly soured, with Olbermann complaining about the cheesiness of the facilities ("a daily logistical nightmare" that "more closely resembles cable access, " according to an e-mail from his rep) and management complaining about temper tantrums, a mug-throwing incident and days off.

    CNN: Bring Keith Olbermann back to ESPN

  • After a mistake is reported, the incident is reviewed by a three-person panel, with representatives from management, the union and an oversight organization.


  • It seems the Tigers could have had a system in place (either imposed by management or by team leaders) to minimize the chances of this incident recurring.

    FORBES: Tigers Share Some Blame For Miguel Cabrera's Problems

  • That they have not hired the right leadership for security, implemented the right program, and then taken the correct tactical steps (for Gawker: exercising an incident response plan, implementing password complexity and use requirements, having an intrusion management strategy, having a data breach plan) in the context of an overall information security strategy.

    FORBES: Discussing Gawker's Breach With Founder Nick Denton

  • During Carnival's annual general meeting earlier this month, Mr. Arison thanked Mr. Foschi and his management team for their "amazing efforts" related to the Costa Concordia incident and its aftermath.

    WSJ: Carnival Picks New Costa Group Head

  • Prosecutors asked Mr Zimmerman's wife, Shellie, about a 2005 incident when her husband was arrested for assaulting a police officer, and an anger management course he had been required to take.

    BBC: Florida judge sets George Zimmerman bail at $150,000

  • An independent panel she convened to look into the incident was scathing in its criticism of the State Department and singled out four officials for serious management and leadership failures.

    WSJ: AP Interview: Clinton raps Benghazi critics

  • The Barings incident sent shock waves through the banking world, and demands were made for immediate reforms to risk management and control.

    FORBES: SocGen's Risk Mismanagement

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