• "There's not many Egyptians in the field of science and technology, " said Mohamed.

    CNN: Can jumping spiders kill in space? Student's experiment set for orbit

  • Relevant professional experience in developing countries in the field of science, environment, technology and engineering, particularly in Africa is essential.

    UNESCO: Criteria & Requirements

  • To organize workshops and conferences to diffuse the know-how in the field of science dissemination through advanced ICT among universities, research institutions and science and technology administrations.

    UNESCO: Main Menu

  • In line with the discussions from the previous day, the Moroccan authorities and the Director-General concentrated their talks on projects for future cooperation in the field of science and research.


  • The main objective of this programme is to build capacity in the field of science education and develop of scientific thinking and experimentation among primary and secondary students as well as academics.

    UNESCO: Strenthening Scientific Education in Niger

  • The center, which would be the first of its kind in the city, would help New York catch up in the field of genomic science and likely create hundreds of new jobs in the next five years, center officials have said.

    WSJ: New Home for Genome

  • This meeting saw the participation of a substantial number of scientific organizations, programmes and networks active in the field of biodiversity science and taking an interest in the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES).


  • Expansions in the field of computer science have offered a glut of attempts at building such monsters, but machine intelligence has remained a holy grail.

    FORBES: The Blurring Line Between Science And Science Fiction

  • The goats represent a promising new avenue in the controversial field of transgenics, the science of splicing one species' genes onto the genome of another.

    FORBES: Charlotte's Goat

  • The prize rewards individuals, institutions, other entities or non-governmental organisations for their contributions to high-quality research in the field of ethics in science and technology.

    UNESCO: Apply for UNESCO Prizes

  • At the same time, the matters of providing with cooperation of science with practice in the field of usage of underground water become more important.


  • Africa has been the birthplace of many in the science field including many doctors who are treating patients in the west.

    BBC: What if Africa were to become the hub for global science?

  • That complaint in itself highlights the promise of this new field, which a committee convened by the National Academies of Science in March said could be the greatest opportunity in three centuries for understanding microbes.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • The Director-General also informed the President about the new assignment given by Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to UNESCO in the field of a new UN-systemwide science initiative for sustainability, in the wake of the High level Report on Global Sustainability, and the formation of a new Science Advisory Board, to be hosted and managed by UNESCO.

    UNESCO: At Rio+20, the Director-General meets the President of ECOSOC | United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

  • This event was a huge public outcry in Yakutia and beyond and gave a powerful impetus to the development of regional science and culture, the development of the future action plan in the field of traditional culture and folklore.


  • D. at Stanford University, where he was laboring in the seemingly obscure field of haptics, or the science of touch.

    FORBES: Desktop fingerprints

  • With a view to promoting international exchanges in the field of education, culture, communication, science and technology, and to enhancing friendship among peoples of the world, the Government of the People's Republic of China has placed at the disposal of UNESCO for the academic year 2011-2012, under the co-sponsorship of UNESCO, twenty five (25) fellowships for advanced studies at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

    UNESCO: Sources

  • The supercomputer is part of The Mike Barnsley Centre for Climate Research, named in recognition of a former pro-vice chancellor and his contribution to both Swansea University and the field of environmental science.

    BBC: Supercomputer to study glaciers

  • One IGCP project in 2000 was even at the origin of a new field: medical geology, the science dealing with the impact of our natural environment on human and animal health.

    UNESCO: Open Access to Scientific Information

  • And progress has been glacial in this field, partly because of all the political controversy about embryonic stem cells and partly because the science is very very difficult and the Food and Drug Administration has been cautious about letting studies start.

    FORBES: Don't Get Too Excited About The First Embryonic Stem Cell Patient

  • Kramnik lost, 4-2 to the multi-processor version of Chessbase's commercial software in Bonn, Germany. (To Kramnik's credit, in 2002, he'd held Deep Fritz to a draw.) However, this match may end interest in further advancing the field of chess-playing computers, according to Monty Newborn, a professor of computer science at McGill University.

    ENGADGET: Computer beats world chess champion, moving on to poker and go

  • So are projects for the development of science and technology in Africa as well as those to promote gender equality, especially in the field of media.

    UNESCO: Seizing the Day: UNESCO in 2012

  • It was this sort of careful science starting with a scientific hypothesis, following it up with observations in the field and ending with clinical trials which proved that circumcision protects against infection.

    ECONOMIST: The XVIIth International AIDS Conference

  • And of course, the science is not there to make a link between what's happening in this field and cancer, but you wonder.

    NPR: Oil Expansion Plans In L.A. Rile Residents

  • This issue will seem like a nuance to some readers, but those in the field of medical research recognize it as a major step forward and a signal that the company is serious about promoting open science.

    FORBES: Pigs Fly As Open Science Comes To Big Pharma

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