• We become hypnotized, in a way, tying to decipher what the numbers tell us (or what we think the numbers tell us).

    FORBES: The One Thing Marketers Need to Do While They're On Vacation Next Week

  • Never had moviegoers been subjected to such a musical roller coaster—brought up to romantic heights, then crashed into nightmare, hypnotized, then assaulted.

    NPR: 'Hitchcock's Music' Scores Big on Suspense

  • There are a few camel-back-breaking straws lingering that are expected to develop further now that the world is no longer hypnotized by our presidential election.

    FORBES: Zero Impact: Presidential Politics And Your Finances

  • As with dogs, not all humans can be brainwashed or hypnotized.

    FORBES: Stop Telling Me to Work Until Seventy

  • The story is told through the eyes of the illusionist's wife, who, hypnotized by the exotic surroundings of North Africa, suffers an 1856 version of politically correct guilt.

    FORBES: Fact and Comment

  • Initially, my intention was to stay here for a few months, but I decided to stay longer as the spiritual atmosphere of Lumbini and its uniqueness and serenity hypnotized me.


  • Siegel hypnotized Nelson as the 6-foot, 265-pound athlete stretched out on a bed at the Westin hotel in Long Beach on the day before his first big competition of the outdoor season.

    NPR: Athlete Tries Hypnotism in Quest for Olympic Gold

  • He had opened the window and seemed to be hypnotized by the garden that surrounded the building, and by the neighboring garden, which belonged to a private house and was visible, in part, through dark latticework.

    NEWYORKER: Álvaro Rousselot’s Journey

  • They, too, danced lightly but dangerously together, and the motion led them, as if hypnotized, into a garden, where they shared one of the fiercest and most fondant kisses in the history of movies, or of mouths.

    NEWYORKER: Better Times

  • Some woman got hypnotized a long time ago and said she used to be an Irish girl named Bridey Murphy, who died, and she had all these details, and there was a book, but reporters checked and the dead girl never existed.

    NEWYORKER: The Proxy Marriage

  • Some of the best moments in the script come when Will toys with a series of psychologists, even pretending to be hypnotized at one point to prove that he's way ahead of their game (he bursts into a chorus of "Afternoon Delight" while supposedly under the spell).

    CNN: Review: Genius is as genius does in 'Good Will Hunting'

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