• Finally available at price points that compete with brand name CRTs of similar sizes this holiday season, LCD has been a winner for market leaders Sony and Samsung as well as a host of no-name brands offered promotionally by a host of retailers.

    ENGADGET: Switched On: The 2006 Switchies -- Home Products

  • Tepperberg wanted to use Kravitz's name as "host" of the event.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Its breakfast show host Bam Bam - whose real name is Peter Poulton - had a website which asked listeners to predict the date of Tarrant's retirement.

    BBC: Tarrant sticks with Capital

  • The Tennessee native quietly retired in late November after 25 years in which he became a household name in his adopted state as host of "California's Gold" and other televised travelogues on KCET.

    CNN: California public TV icon Huell Howser dead at 67

  • All over the city, art auctions are consistently breaking records, a handful of big-name international galleries are opening up outposts and Hong Kong is preparing to host an Art Basel fair in May next year.

    BBC: Asia gets a dose of Cubism

  • The host doesn't have a personal Twitter page, although some are tweeting in his name and using his picture, according to a Late Show representative.

    CNN: How Twitter helped Fallon get Leno's job

  • TweakDUN: Improve the speed of your dial-up connection by adjusting the Windows 95 MTU. TweakDUN also lets you create and edit a host file, which can dramatically speed up Web browsing: Instead of contacting a domain name server to look up every IP address, your browser will cache them on your hard drive.

    CNN: Top 10 hot Internet tools

  • And last month, the group added a new name to its blacklist, CyberBunker, and said spammers use the company as a host to spray junk mail across the Web.

    CNN: Spain arrests suspect in massive cyberattack

  • Carter once requested that a video made by his son be removed from the site. (Denton, who likes to be perceived as unswayable, briefly de-listed the post from search engines.) Denton occasionally has drinks with Andersen, who is now a novelist and radio host, and once personally invited him to become a Gawker commenter under his own name.

    NEWYORKER: Search and Destroy

  • For example, IBM, the best-known name in early computing and still the major supplier of technology for business, offers a host of technology solutions including hardware, software, and support.

    FORBES: Investing In The Business Of Fun

  • Mr. Host says he devotes at least half a classroom session each semester to teaching students about the design of name badges.

    WSJ: Conventional Wisdom: Nametags Say a Whole Lot About You

  • Only twice did Talk of the Nation host Neal Conan have to jump in as the host whisperer to the radio audience and identify a speaker that Koppel had called on without using his full name.

    NPR: Putting TV on the Radio

  • No longer shy about courting controversy, she has played host to visiting groups of oppositionists-in-exile and delivered a speech smuggled out of Burma in the name of opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi.

    CNN: ASIANOW - TIME Asia | TIME 100: Corazon Aquino

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