• Most of what is now known as haute cuisine stems from his carefully codified techniques.

    ECONOMIST: French cuisine

  • Paris and Hong Kong, both centers of haute cuisine, have the world's two busiest Pizza Hut outlets.

    FORBES: Modern Mix

  • Miller recommends showing up at the prospect's office at lunchtime with a delectable spread of haute cuisine.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Roth is the main author of one of the most beautiful cookbooks ever created, officially released for sale yesterday: Ritz Paris, Haute Cuisine.

    FORBES: Putting On The Ritz: The Year's Most Decadent Cookbook

  • Even swanky restaurants have started to take part, betting that some people might want to eat haute cuisine without dressing for the occasion.

    ECONOMIST: Posh restaurants innovate to attract customers

  • Hartmut Schiedermaier, head of an organisation defending the interests of more than 16, 000 professors, sees the reform as McDonald's presented as haute cuisine.

    ECONOMIST: German slouches beware

  • For those who enjoy their hot dogs with a bit more of a haute cuisine flair, there are the franks at Bark Hot Dogs in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

    FORBES: America's Best Hot Dogs

  • Anyway, the last word in business today is haute cuisine.

    NPR: Might Airlines Banish Frozen Sandwiches?

  • Koch, the billionaire coal and petroleum magnate, attended an invitation-only, haute cuisine dinner and wine tasting at Daniel Restaurant in New York City, owned by the famed French chef, Daniel Boulud.

    FORBES: Bill Koch's Bad Trip With Counterfeit Wine Is Cautionary Tale For Collectors

  • "Raw" and "vegetarian" are not adjectives usually associated with haute cuisine, but at Pure Food and Wine , as if by magic, such ingredients are turned into exquisite and exotically delicious offerings.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • And in 1997, the guide awarded three stars to the country bumpkin of haute cuisine, Michel Bras, who among other things encourages guests at his remote restaurant in south-western France to use the same knife and fork throughout the meal.

    ECONOMIST: The Michelin Guide

  • McDonald's was dead in the water several years ago, until it added exciting new menu items and made its coffee drinkable. (Why it and Burger King used to serve stuff that made dishwater seem haute cuisine, this food junkster never understood.) McDonald's stock has tripled in less than six years.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Even haute Southwestern cuisine, dry air and brilliant sunsets can come only so cheap.

    FORBES: America's Most Expensive Colleges

  • If you want to eat the finest haute French cuisine (or most other foods) you will undoubtedly find it as a restaurant, either a Michelin 3-Star gastronomic temple in Paris or Lyon or a place Joel Robuchon in Las Vegas.

    FORBES: The World's Best Barbecue - Really

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