• Priority environmental issues were beach erosion and a lack of a garbage collection system and designated area for garbage disposal.

    UNESCO: Opinion survey

  • At one point, the BLS listed some 200 jobs as blue collar that ran the gamut from auto mechanics to crane operators, from garbage collection to pest control.

    FORBES: America's Best-Paying Blue-Collar Jobs

  • The advice from Mr. Serrano: Garbage collection is a plus.

    WSJ: Lowly Tasks During a Week of High Style

  • The mayor is also reducing the number of bureaus in order to promote horizontal linkages over top-down policy-making, and giving local communities more autonomy in running operations like garbage collection.

    CNN: Tokyo

  • "We've looked at the idea of 'garbage collection', how to get the cars back to the nearest stack where they can recharge their batteries ready for the next customer, " said Chin.

    CNN: Reinventing the wheel

  • By the time Kan finished his own first year in the Diet, in 1980, he had earned himself the nickname "Ira-Kan" for unleashing an "irritating" barrage of pointed questions and letter-writing campaigns over everything from garbage collection to nuclear safety.


  • With municipalities and issuers of infrastructure bonds including schools districts, hospitals and sewage and garbage collection authorities facing diminished tax and revenue receipts and inevitable downgrades, the risks they pose to guarantors could shut them out from low interest rate borrowings.

    FORBES: Muni Bond Default Concerns Are Real

  • Public services are dire—shown by a crisis this month in Sofia's rubbish collection, which has left the streets piled with rotting piles of garbage.

    ECONOMIST: Bulgaria, Romania and the EU

  • Lets imagine that there is a big slush fund with billions of dollars in it for trash collection in the country above and beyond the actual costs of collecting garbage.

    FORBES: President Obama's Re-Election Is Powerful Evidence Of Democracy Failure

  • In 1995 he and a college pal jumped into the Internet, cofounding VerticalNet, (nasdaq: VERTD - news - people ) a Horsham, Pa. collection of Web sites with news and online marketplaces for industries like garbage and water treatment.

    FORBES: Before... and After

  • Terracyle has collection programs and partnerships in eight countries bringing in as much as 100 million pieces of garbage a month.

    FORBES: Princeton Drop-Out Turns Poop Into Profits

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