• One of the most highly-rated teenagers in France, Pogba has captained the national team at Under-16 level.

    BBC: Man Utd deny 'stealing' youngster

  • Almost half the population of Wales watched the national rugby team beat France to win the Six Nations Grand Slam on TV, BBC figures show.

    BBC: Wales celebrate the Grand Slam with the Six Nations trophy

  • He was even selected as a scout for Team USA at the 1998 World Cup in France, to give the low down on the Iranian national team before the famous Iran versus USA match, which Iran won, prompting a million people to celebrate on the streets of Tehran.

    CNN: Pitch Warfare: Iran face Iraq in soccer grudge match

  • His name is Laurent Sciarra, and he's a former French national team player who now coaches Rouen in France's second division.

    NPR: 'Only One Playboy At Playboy, And That's Hef'

  • In 2001 the country's star player Ronaldo was called to testify in front of a Senate commission investigating the circumstances surrounding the national team's 3-0 defeat by France in the 1998 final.


  • Opinion pollsters say that France's re-elected president, Jacques Chirac , and his alliance of the mainstream right, gained ground after the president stalked out of a football stadium when the Marseillaise, France's national anthem, was booed by supporters of a Corsican team.

    ECONOMIST: Politics this week | The

  • Paris (CNN) -- A French cyclist taking part in the prestigious Tour de France race has been arrested, a national police official said Tuesday, leading his team to suspend him while claims of doping are investigated.

    CNN: French Tour de France cyclist arrested amid doping claims

  • After just one year at Letna, he graduated to the national team coach, replacing Dusan Uhrin after the failed bid to reach France 98.

    BBC: Jozef Chovanec

  • But when, a few years ago, he derided the players in the national soccer team for "not knowing the words of the Marseillaise", everyone in France looked at the players from African and Arab origins and felt they knew what Mr Le Pen really meant.

    BBC: Le Pen: 'Comic book charmer'

  • Endless television and radio talk shows pick over France's deteriorating image abroad, touching not only the Romanies but also the strike by the national football team at the World Cup this summer and the Bettencourt affair, a political-favours scandal involving Eric Woerth, the labour minister.

    ECONOMIST: France's poor image

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