• The express mail program that is supplied with the device is minimal and provides a limited usable screen size for reading mail in landscape mode.

    FORBES: Why You Want The Microsoft Surface Pro (And Why You Don't)

  • The express mail companies have invested heavily there.

    FORBES: Off Shore

  • Since China lacks proper credit-card and express-mail industries, Mr Shen has signed up local milkmen to collect cash at customers' doors.

    ECONOMIST: E-business in China

  • Dell's existing service business is at the low end, little more than extended-warranty tune-ups and installing such off-the-rack systems as Microsoft's Outlook Express e-mail software.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • At TNT, a Dutch postal operator, shareholders won a battle to get the firm to separate its express business from its mail division, but the company added unpopular anti-takeover mechanisms to the express part.

    ECONOMIST: European corporate governance

  • In the 1930s he was a star correspondent on the Daily Express and later the Daily Mail, then the most successful newspapers in Britain.

    ECONOMIST: Lord Killanin

  • The Internet will make it just a little easier for patients with chronic conditions to order re-fills by e-mail -- and save Express Scripts money on trying to decipher all those prescriptions.

    FORBES: Script doctor

  • Both the Telegraph and Mail groups (plus also the Express) make reasonable profits.

    FORBES: Why I Think The New York Times Is Going To Go Bust

  • Xyrem will be distributed from a single mail-order pharmacy run by Express Scripts (nasdaq: ESRX - news - people ).

    FORBES: Former Street Drug Takes On Narcolepsy

  • More than half of mail order is controlled by three PBMs: Express Scripts, Medco Health Solutions and Caremark.

    FORBES: In The Pill Box

  • Britain retains the Royal Mail's monopoly on the last-mile delivery for daily mail volumes under 4, 000 items (Express Dairies got its delivery licence because its volume is above the monopoly threshold).

    ECONOMIST: Post offices

  • Two determined British bidders, the Daily Mail and General Trust Group, which owns the Daily Mail in Britain, and Richard Desmond, owner of Express Newspapers, will be particularly disappointed.

    ECONOMIST: Enter the Barclay brothers. Exit Lord Black

  • The cleverness of the Daily Mail is to combine tabloid froth with a veneer of smartness that has been beyond the Express.

    ECONOMIST: Express Newspapers

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