• The previous, cosy assumption of defence experts that some time must elapse between testing and deployment no longer holds good.

    ECONOMIST: Israel��s missile nightmares

  • So the seven-year stipulation isn't a requirement to automatically repeat the exercise, but a minimum period which must elapse between border polls.

    BBC: United Ireland border poll call: diversions and u-turns

  • Usually at least four months elapse after it issues a deportation notice before it takes any further action, but this period often stretches to years, according to lawyers.

    ECONOMIST: Deportation: Double-bind | The

  • What I could not remember was how much time would have to elapse before I was declared legally dead and the provisions of my will would come into play.

    NEWYORKER: Wakefield

  • Should enough time be allowed to elapse, the danger will grow that at least some of these weapons will wind up in the hands of terrorists or other bidders.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Redefining 'Regime Change'

  • Repayment terms were out of whack with the sales season, during which months may elapse between the deadline for paying the factory's bill and the day that stores pay up.

    FORBES: In This Together

  • Of the 20 or so hours that elapse from start to finish when a Camry, Solara or Avalon is built at Toyota's Georgetown factory, half are spent in the paint shop.

    FORBES: Just in Time Meets Just Right

  • So strong are the effects that, even if Microsoft were to double the price of Windows, many years might elapse before its market share fell from today's level of more than 95%.

    ECONOMIST: Busted | The

  • It would be interesting to know how much time usually elapses from the time a prospective owner schedules a pre-purchase exam and the number of days that elapse after the horse has legally received medical treatment.

    FORBES: Ann Romney Loves Me Not

  • The first challenge came on Grassley's proposal to require six months to elapse between the time the southern border is secured and immigrants may begin seeking legal status, a step that Schumer said would "delay, probably forever, any legalization" for immigrants now living in the country without authorization.

    NPR: Coalition On Immigration Bill Clears First Tests

  • We are not waiting for either some 30- or 60-day window to elapse before somebody serving on the task force and working closely with the team and the President gets into the communities and talks directly to workers that would be impacted by any event, either going forward or that has already resulted in cutbacks or unemployment.

    WHITEHOUSE: White House Press Briefing

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