• Another kind of system, known as DCS, or Distributed Control Systems, is often used in isolated areas such as a chemical plant.

    FORBES: The Next Threat

  • ECoS is an open software platform that can host a range of third-party applications that provide intelligent distributed control services to utilities and their customers.

    FORBES: Dark Grid: Electric Utilities Scramble to Get Smart

  • In Step 7, with the complexity of distributed control of IT mastered, with a clear understanding of how IT serves the business, the CIO can start exercising leadership.

    FORBES: Eight Steps For Addressing the IT Management Crisis

  • The main scientific objective of this research project is the design, implementation and control of a novel distributed robotic system.

    FORBES: The Swarmanoid Is An Effective Large Robot Swarm

  • From the changing ways music is made, distributed and sold to the greater control demanded by artists, the industry of the next decade may hardly resemble that o the last one.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Suvarnabhumi's international terminal is one long strip with retail outlets distributed throughout, and passengers leaving passport control emerge into the center of a kilometer-long stretch of duty-free shopping.

    FORBES: The Kingdom and the Power

  • Omega sued Costco for selling its watches for prices below suggested retail, citing a tiny Omega logo on the goods that it said gave it the copyright holders power to control how creative works are distributed.

    FORBES: Supreme Court Rebuffs Costco In Copyright Challenge

  • Yet as tens of thousands of authors self-publish their work, publishers' control continues to weaken over how titles are distributed and which books are offered for sale.

    WSJ: Digital Self-Publishing Shakes Up Traditional Book Industry

  • This starts with the nature of how applications are distributed and extends right through to greater technology democracy among the workforce, all without losing control of the user environment.

    FORBES: 7 Implications Consumer App Stores Hold For Enterprise IT

  • First, not only is distributed generation cleaner and more efficient, but to make it work requires elaborate electronic-control systems that will result in the commercialisation of the electronic home and business.

    ECONOMIST: Letters

  • In the very near future, the North American power grid will be populated by a bewildering array of distributed energy resources ranging from building-integrated solar photovoltaics and micro-cogen to intelligent control systems and mesh network lighting.

    FORBES: Engaging the Electric Grid - From Information to Intelligence

  • Development picked up in the past decade, fueled by a move away from state control and by billions in tourist dollars, but analysts say its gains have been unevenly distributed.

    CNN: For Mubarak, once Egypt's strongman, a long fall from grace

  • Because the HAA harnesses the vast pool of money that is today distributed inefficiently through the tax break for employer-provided care, and then couples it with clever cost-control mechanisms, the Congressional Budget Office and the Joint Committee on Taxation have judged that the HAA will be revenue neutral or even revenue-enhancing within a few years.

    ECONOMIST: Health care

  • Because kits are now distributed to fewer centres and every ball is coded (so that inspectors can trace strays), manufacturers have better control of production.

    ECONOMIST: Ending child labour can have unexpected consequences

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