• Observers say Perella is friends with many of the ex-executives who make up the dissident group.

    FORBES: Wasserella, The Sequel?

  • Meanwhile, members of Cuba's most prominent dissident group, the Ladies in White, said that 22 of their members had been detained.

    WSJ: In Cuba, Pope Urges New Cooperation

  • Angered when their recommendations were overruled, and just months after quietly filing their whistleblower suit, the dissident group took the matter into their own hands.

    FORBES: Connect

  • His detention was protested at the time by a Saudi dissident group known as the Committee for the Defense of Legitimate Rights, according to U.S. officials.

    CNN: Sheik in bin Laden videotape may be Saudi cleric

  • On Thursday, the dissident group, which includes former Morgan Stanley president Robert Scott, published a second letter addressed to the board asking for the "immediate removal" of Purcell.

    FORBES: Morgan Stanley's Poison Pen Pals

  • But the board has stood firmly beside its chairman and CEO and appears to be offering the Discover sale as a bone to make the dissident group go away.

    FORBES: Morgan Stanley Meltdown

  • The latter dissident group was behind a bomb which exploded outside the Army base which houses MI5's Northern Ireland headquarters in 2010 and was responsible for recent grenade attacks on police.

    BBC: NI's dissident groups to unite under IRA banner

  • Leaders of the dissident group had been reluctant to move to the new camp because of the conditions there, calling it more of a prison than a home when they first arrived.

    CNN: Attack kills 5 at Iranian exile camp in Iraq

  • He and a separate dissident group, led by ex-NYSE director Kenneth Langone , have blasted the merger's financial terms, which split the value of the combined company into 70% for NYSE holders and 30% for Archipelago.

    FORBES: Who Might Get Rich at NYSE

  • Members of the Ladies in White, a dissident group, had said they planned to attend the Mass, but none were seen by a reporter at a rendezvous point on Wednesday morning, and it appeared that their cellphones weren't operating.

    WSJ: Pope Seeks Greater Freedom for Church in Cuba

  • Police in Northern Ireland discovered a 600-pound bomb in County Armagh, which was thought to be the work of a dissident republican group.

    ECONOMIST: The airline bombers

  • The attack at the Army barracks, which was claimed by the dissident republican group the Real IRA, was carried out in March 2009.

    BBC: Pair to face Massereene murder trial

  • The failed attack was claimed by the Continuity IRA, a dissident republican group made up from breakaway members of the IRA opposed to the Good Friday Agreement peace accord.

    BBC: Families home after security operation

  • The attack came 24 hours after a dissident republican group, Oglaigh na hEireann, claimed responsibility for planting a pipe bomb at a community centre on the Shore Road in north Belfast.

    BBC: Pipe bomb thrown at police in Belfast 'reckless bid to kill'

  • Jamal Ahmed al-Fadl said he told US officials that the Saudi dissident's group was trying to "make war" against the United States and would make bombs against "some embassy".

    BBC: How the US became a target

  • He has received overtures from a group of dissident Peronists around Mr Duhalde, who became Mr Kirchner's most powerful foe.

    ECONOMIST: Argentina after Kirchner

  • Such changes had been demanded by a group of eight dissident shareholders, led by former Morgan Stanley President Robert Scott.

    FORBES: Purcell Hangs On

  • In recent months, Chairman and Chief Executive Philip Purcell has waged a public battle with a group of eight dissident shareholders who are calling for his head, claiming his mismanagement is to blame for the company's lackluster performance.


  • In February charges were laid against Nguyen Van Ly, a dissident priest who founded Block 8406, a new and apparently widely supported group which last year issued a manifesto for democracy.

    ECONOMIST: Vietnam

  • Warnings have gone too to another dissident, Leonel Morejon, a leading figure in the Cuban Council, a group that raised its head some years ago to the point of being soundly smacked down when it tried to meet publicly in February 1994.


  • He would not be drawn on which group he thought was responsible, however he said there had been a number of dissident republican threats in the Omagh area recently.

    BBC: Paterson: Kerr terrorists will not destabilise peace

  • In his desire to bring dissident Catholics back into the mainstream Church, Pope Benedict has been negotiating with a traditionalist Catholic Group based in Switzerland, known as the Society of Saint Pius X, which roundly rejects the reforms of Vatican II.

    BBC: Vatican II: Pope Benedict's unfinished business

  • The group, formed after a week of talks in Doha, will have two vice-presidents - prominent dissident Riad Seif and leading secular activist Suhair al-Atassi.

    BBC: Syria cleric Moaz al-Khatib to lead opposition

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