• And for all the growth at grass-roots, Russia's federal government remains on the whole disdainful.

    ECONOMIST: Russian love in a cold climate | The

  • Wall Street turned disdainful, and without cheap capital to fuel the binge, Mail-Well ran out of momentum.

    FORBES: Wrong Address

  • In fact, in a brief poll of Star Wars fans, reactions have ranged from indifferent to disdainful.

    FORBES: Star Wars Episode VII Haters: I Find Your Lack of Faith Disturbing

  • Polygraphs are much used in the land of their invention, but Britain has traditionally been rather disdainful.

    ECONOMIST: Polygraphs hit the big time

  • Curiously, though, in spite of his firm's powerful brand, Mr Bose is openly disdainful of traditional marketing.

    ECONOMIST: Vox populi | The

  • He was as disdainful of parochialism in the life of the mind as in the life of a nation.

    ECONOMIST: Mancur Olson

  • He looks at Albert with the disdainful stare that the pukka sahib directs at a servant who has inconvenienced him.

    NEWYORKER: The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover

  • But Britain is a tough, competitive, unequal place, disdainful of conformity and deeply conservative about a surprising number of things.

    ECONOMIST: Who looks after the children?

  • Men who are comfortable in boots, the dust or the mud, around horses and cattle and a bit disdainful of sidewalks.

    FORBES: Perry and the Seven Dwarfs

  • At the news of her collapse, Patty and Walter hurried up north, leaving Joey to be supervised by his disdainful older sister.

    NEWYORKER: Good Neighbors

  • Jim could never understand that disdainful attitude toward business and entrepreneurial capitalism.

    FORBES: James W. Michaels

  • Indeed given its global (or, as some would say, its imperial) commitments, America should be less disdainful about peacekeeping skills in general.

    ECONOMIST: Not enough peacekeepers in Iraq, and they are the wrong sort

  • ExxonMobil is publicly disdainful of government help, and says it has no interest in any energy source that requires a public subsidy.

    ECONOMIST: ExxonMobil

  • He does, however, sometimes seem to be disdainful of his shareholders.

    FORBES: Curious George

  • Yet if that person made just one disdainful reference to someone you admired, that hot negative trigger would quickly rise to the top of your mind.

    FORBES: Connect

  • Since the terrorist attacks on the United States, the Han have been more suspicious and disdainful of China's own Muslims, who in response have turned more defensive.

    ECONOMIST: The angry are getting organised

  • Even cosmopolitan liberals are unabashedly disdainful of their southern neighbours.

    ECONOMIST: A tug of war between commercial logic and popular sentiment

  • That scandal, combined with more complaints from editors and reporters about Raines—many of whom believed he had become disdainful of them—made Sulzberger realize that he needed to make a change.

    NEWYORKER: Changing Times

  • Officials in Seaside Heights, New Jersey, initially disdainful of the attention that the show brought to their seedy boardwalk, have clamored for its return and MTV is now filming season three back at the original location.

    FORBES: Jersey Shore And The Dow Jones

  • Some in the industry say that one reason for the failure of an attempted merger between Arthur Andersen and Price Waterhouse eight years ago was Andersen's disdainful view that a lot of Price Waterhouse's senior partners were dead wood.

    ECONOMIST: Accounting

  • At the front desk of the Laventura, a disdainful blond woman provided her with a handful of devices for entry into her new life: apartment and mailbox keys, garage-gate remote, car tag, a code for accessing inner sanctums bearing keypads.

    NEWYORKER: Shauntrelle

  • If you thought the Board of the London Stock Exchange was a little scornful when it jilted Macquarie Bank for the first time back in December--" a derisory proposal which fundamentally undervalues the company and lacks any strategic or commercial credibility"--its latest blackball is downright disdainful.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

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