• " The Ambitious Generation: America's Teenagers, Motivated But Directionless", by Barbara Schneider and David Stevenson, Yale University Press, 1999.

    ECONOMIST: A survey of the young

  • Chelsea also looked directionless, with John Terry appearing to have more influence on the team talk before extra-time than Grant.

    BBC: Ramos takes centre stage

  • Anderson died in a plane crash in 1990, leaving the group directionless.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • "Restless, directionless youth agonize over the fruitlessness of their existence, " she said.

    CNN: Smiling Suu Kyi lays out 'ambitious' plan for Myanmar

  • Yes, Biogen had evolved into a directionless bureaucracy, but Scangos had a hunch that the soul of those early days was still in there, somewhere.

    FORBES: Biotech's Comeback Kid

  • Last month, for example, parliament's powerful finance standing committee issued a 48-page report attacking UID, calling it hasty, directionless, ill-conceived and saying it must be stopped.

    ECONOMIST: India’s UID scheme

  • Example, killing a guy on a jet pack can cause him to lose control and fly all over the place directionless, knocking down other enemies and stage objects while his arms flail around dynamically.

    FORBES: The Best Indie And Arcade Games Of 2012

  • No doubt, much to Pam Edstrom's disapproval, daughter Jennifer and her fellow author depict an almost directionless company riven by turf wars and the rivalries of feuding barons intent only on interpreting the frequently delphic utterances of the bespectacled one.

    ECONOMIST: Microsoft

  • There do seem to be many young adults who are enormously smart and knowledgeable but directionless, who are enthusiastic and exuberant but unable to commit to a particular kind of work or a particular love until well into their 20s or 30s.

    WSJ: What's Wrong With the Teenage Mind?

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