• At Amherst College many students were noisily furious when 40 teachers paraded into the dining hall with anti-war slogans.

    ECONOMIST: A youthquake that is helping George Bush

  • About 25 war protesters dressed in hot pink barged into a House dining hall Wednesday, yelling, "Don't buy Bush's war!"

    NPR: Iraq Spending Vote a Challenge for Democrats

  • For its first five centuries, it served, as the name suggests, as the fancy dining hall for the university's more prosperous students.

    FORBES: The Unhidden Machine

  • There food service led to child care and later to uniforms, and the latest 15-year contract renewal will see the unveiling of a new-look dining hall in 2004.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • During her five-day cruise, a water line broke in the hallway ceiling near her cabin, and a separate sewer line broke outside the main dining hall, she said.

    NPR: Carnival Cancels 12 More Cruises On Troubled Ship

  • Sitting in penny loafers and a gray suit in the Bowery Mission's dank dining hall, with its crumbling linoleum and dim fluorescent lights, Morgan looks a little out of place.

    FORBES: Corporate Communion

  • John Kelly, told the House Armed Services Committee that upgrades to buildings including barracks and the dining hall for the American personnel assigned to the joint task force at the U.S. base in Cuba are badly needed.

    NPR: General Says Guantanamo Buildings Are In Disrepair

  • In a dim basement dining hall in Cherkasy, decorated with blue-and-white Star of David pennants, a woman who emigrated in 1988 recently watched in shock as old women dumped part of their lunch into plastic bags for dinner and breakfast.

    ECONOMIST: The East European shtetl

  • Roosevelt's hard- won belief in the benefits of what we would now call "holistic treatment" governed Warm Springs, and his jaunty spirit was everywhere — especially strong, Shreve recalls, in the dining hall, where a chair at the head table was always left vacant.

    NPR: True Stories to Dive Into This Summer

  • Then the porter and his children carried every piece of furniture that was in the reception hall into the dining room.

    NEWYORKER: Naima

  • It is near major subway and bus lines, as well as the world famous Carnegie Hall and Columbus Circle where the Time Warner Center has excellent shopping and dining facilities.

    FORBES: Nordstrom Finally Comes to New York

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