• The Nikon COOLPIX cameras incorporate Nikon's world-class NIKKOR lenses, delivering accurate detail and brilliant color, as well as Nikon's EXPEEDTM digital image processing concept, which ensures high-quality pictures with stunning color and sharpness.

    ENGADGET: Nikon Coolpix S1000pj projector-cam beams into reality along with friends

  • The transition to digital image processing and storage has brought mighty companies such as Kodak to their knees and spawned a great many consumer electronic companies that have created image capture and display devices with features and capabilities that would never have been possible with analog technology.

    FORBES: End of the Reel

  • Olympus compact digital cameras are equipped with image processing technology in the form of iHS Technology, enabling high-sensitivity, low noise, and a fast AF.

    ENGADGET: Olympus expands its point-and-shoot offerings with Stylus VH-410 and VH-515

  • Hazard evaluation can be fast and safe by using remote methods such as digital photogrammetry, using software for image processing of scanned aerial photographs.

    UNESCO: Dublin Core

  • The Digital Capture Portfolio includes over 700 patents, covering key aspects of image capture, processing, and transmission technologies that are crucial to the design and operation of digital cameras and multi-function devices, including camera-enabled smartphones and tablets.

    ENGADGET: Kodak plans to sell off digital imaging patents Mobile

  • One portfolio will include about 700 patents covering image capture, processing and transmission technologies for digital cameras and other devices.

    BBC: Kodak printer

  • Direct Drive Image Light Amplifier, while DLP stands for Digital Light Processing.

    ENGADGET: D-ILA and DLP: what are they? HD

  • On-set color management system, Image Processing System IS-100, for digital shooting (motion pictures, television, and commercials) in a high degree of precision, enabled by Fujifilm's proprietary technologies for color reproduction and color management nurtured in the fields of photography and printing.

    ENGADGET: Fujifilm sees which way wind is blowing, ends production of cinema film

  • But among the tasks the machine can perform in a single step are edge detection, inversion, the identification of lines and shapes of different orientations, and the filling-in of concave shapes all things that are useful in image-processing, and not all of which can be managed by digital technology.

    ECONOMIST: Analogue computing

  • Applications of image processing include such popular consumer features as light balancing and face recognition, now standard on most digital cameras, which can also be associated with voice recognition.

    CNN: The story

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