• It would surely result in the destabilization and quite possibly the end of Hashemite Jordan.


  • Soviet destabilization of Central America must stop if glasnost and perestroika are to be taken seriously.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Center For Security Policy

  • So energy stocks are a hedge against Mideast destabilization as well as relatively strong worldwide GDP momentum.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • We continue, as I said earlier, to call on China to urge North Korea to stop the destabilization.

    WHITEHOUSE: Press Briefing

  • In our view, the outcry at Yahoo's retrenchment shows the destabilization of the rational myth of face time.

    CNN: Benefit of office face time a myth

  • He calls local media "abusive" and keeps harping on a "three-D" conspiracy of disinformation, disaffection and destabilization against him.

    CNN: Reinventing Estrada

  • War in Iraq, destabilization from Turkey, unquenchable thirst for energy in Asia, millions of fuel-slurping SUVs still cruising American highways.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • The bull market in gold futures is linked with the rise in worldwide liquidity and fear of Middle Eastern destabilization.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Third, they enable China to diversify its holdings of currency reserves without risking a destabilization of the global currency markets, i.e.

    FORBES: A Convertible Redback

  • The Wahhabi project has contributed immeasurably to the Islamic radicalization and destabilization in a number of countries and continues to do so.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Alexiev testifies on Wahhabi influence in US

  • Sanctions targeted the supporters and relatives of the military junta and all those involved in contributing to the "destabilization" of Mali, the African Union said.

    CNN: Grave conditions reported as rebels capture northern Mali

  • Russia cautioned against unpredicted consequences during the signing of the resolution and stressed that there was a need to avoid further destabilization in North Africa.

    FORBES: Russia and China Team Up Against NATO Libya Campaign

  • Such destabilization, which is more dramatic in wide binaries than in more tightly orbiting two-star systems, does not always take the form of planetary ejection.

    MSN: Alien planets face danger from double-star systems

  • The anti-Gadhaffi intervention let directly to serious political destabilization in Mali.

    FORBES: Chechen Volunteers in Syria and the Dangers of Intervention

  • But I don't think it's a much of a stretch to say that the Chadian insurgency is an extension of Sudanese government policy, which involves the destabilization of Chad for various reasons.

    NPR: Chad Conflict Stirs Global Response

  • In the tense border zone where integrationist militias appear to be girding for a campaign of cross-border destabilization and terror, overstretched Interfet forces will almost certainly need to rely on Falintil as their local eyes and ears.

    CNN: Back in the Thick of It

  • Increasing investments in global AIDS is not just a moral and public health imperative but, as documented by the CIA, will help abate civil unrest and destabilization that can breed factions sympathetic to terrorism and threaten global security.

    WHITEHOUSE: Winning the Battle Against HIV/AIDS

  • He said that Venezuela had recalled its delegate to the peace talks, arguing that it was "very difficult to work toward peace for a brother nation when the major institutions of that nation are provoking and stimulating the destabilization of Venezuela".

    BBC: Venezuela and Colombia in row over Capriles meeting

  • "As developments unfold in Mali, the risks for infiltration and destabilization are real in some of the countries bordering Mali, as illustrated by the efforts of neighboring countries to tighten security along the borders, " said Said Djinnit, who heads the U.N.

    CNN: Malian security forces push into rebel territory

  • The hostage crisis in Algeria is a "terrible warning" that the conflict in Mali "is not a matter between France and one of its former colonies in West Africa" but "a sign of the growing destabilization of the whole Sahel region, " the paper says.

    BBC: Press links Algerian crisis with Mali operation

  • The AU supports the sanctions imposed by the ECOWAS in Mali and "further decided to impose their own sanctions, with asset freezes and travel bans against leaders of the military junta and all those involved in contributing to the 'destabilization' of Mali, " said Ramtane Lamamra, commissioner for peace and security.


  • "Those who have made the foolish decision to stand with America and its allies in their losing war against Islam ... you have not only betrayed Islam and Muslims and left the fold of faith, but you have also caused the destabilization of nations and the displacement ... of thousands of weak and oppressed people, " Gadahn said.

    CNN: Al Qaeda offers 'condolences' for innocent victims

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