• His party political broadcast—a solo performance, complete with mad staring eyes—struck some as demonic.

    ECONOMIST: Jimmy Goldsmith

  • According to repeated polling data, the majority of Turks believe that Israel and America are demonic, murderous nations that kill innocent people for entertainment.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Israel’s daunting task

  • The United States Senate in the role of the morally outraged provocateurs, hoping to goad Wall Streeters into revealing their demonic horns and tails.

    FORBES: Blankfein Has A Hard Time Looking Clueless, Senators Don't

  • The attractive German soprano has a rich, almost venomous voice and a gimlet eye, conveying both the demonic and seductive sides of her character.

    NEWYORKER: Classical Music

  • The snobs, drunkards, pedophiles, fools, tyrants, and addicts who pass through these pages are garishly demonic, in a way that seems at once contemporary and oddly timeless.

    NEWYORKER: Noble Savages

  • But even the most demonic assassin would have found it hard to plan the circumstances of her death (an impromptu high-speed late-night ride with a drunken driver).

    ECONOMIST: Dark forces threaten Britain's butlers

  • He highlights neatly (and hilariously) Waugh's demonic streak of prankishness: insisting to the bafflement and fury of all and sundry that Tito, the Yugoslav leader, was a woman.

    ECONOMIST: George Orwell and Evelyn Waugh: Fighting against the future | The

  • The appalling footage of the dead Tochi Scout is followed by what can only be described as demonic-appearing Taliban jihadi railing against Pakistani Army soldiers. (Remarks are an excerpt).

    FORBES: Is The United States Violating Pakistan's Sovereignty?

  • Maybe, I thought, if I ordered this wireless Kindle 2 I would be pulled into a world of compulsive, demonic book consumption, like Pippin staring at the stone of Orthanc.

    NEWYORKER: A New Page

  • Totalitarianism makes the fantastic literal—that is its demonic appeal.

    NEWYORKER: Life Is Beautiful

  • Two to five local men dress as deities called Toshidon, donning straw raincoats decorated with the leaves of indigenous plants and monstrous masks with long, pointed noses, oversized fangs and demonic horns.

    UNESCO: Culture

  • Beginning May 15, players around the world will be able to return to Tristram to discover the dark secrets of a fallen star and begin their quest to save Sanctuary from the impending demonic invasion.

    FORBES: Diablo 3 Gets a Release Date at Last

  • Ten years ago, when Mississippi was fighting the demonic aspects of high-stakes gambling in its state legislature, no one could have foreseen the impact the industry would have on the poorest part of the state.

    ECONOMIST: The gambling industry: Neon in the Delta | The

  • Players will discover an entirely new chapter of Elder Scrolls history in this ambitious world, set a millennium before the events of Skyrim as the daedric prince Molag Bal tries to pull all of Tamriel into his demonic realm.

    FORBES: Bethesda Announces 'Elder Scrolls Online' MMO Coming In 2013

  • Many see him as an almost demonic figure, single-handedly responsible for bringing hardship to the people and letting corruption overtake the country even as he cynically pressed almost every panic button, including one labelled xenophobia, in the Czechs' psychology.

    ECONOMIST: The Czech Republic

  • Although his star has fallen in great part to his own actions, as I have said often: Brett was not as angelic as he was made out to be in his time in Green Bay nor as demonic as he has been made out to be lately.

    FORBES: Favre Files for Retirement. Let's Look At His Severence Plan.

  • The caricature of Amy as the demonic sister who sought inspiration in the pages of the National Enquirer before murdering her brother in cold blood is too facile, as is the cynical narrative of a secret handshake between John Polio and Judy Bishop that kept the truth buried for decades.

    NEWYORKER: A Loaded Gun

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