• Local attractions include zip lines, cave and river tubing, scuba diving, jet skis and deep sea fishing.

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  • The exploits take place on the rusty Norlantean, which has been converted for deep-sea fishing by its skipper, 30-year-old Jason Schofield.

    ECONOMIST: Living off the cruel sea

  • In 2003 the same Australian trade group tied Pacific Andes to several deep-sea fishing vessel owners from Spain, known as the Galician syndicate, and accused the company of helping process and distribute illegally caught toothfish.

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  • Excursions include diving, sailing, kayaking, deep-sea fishing, swimming with dolphins, championship golf, windsurfing, eco-tours, a trip to the Contoy Island bird sanctuary, guided nature walks, jungle river trips, fishing and day trips to the ancient Maya ruins in the area.

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  • His off-course appetite for helicopters, deep-sea fishing and scuba and skydiving fortified the legend-allowing him to hobnob with the likes of the Australian media magnate Kerry Packer, Jack Welch and Bill Clinton and win lucrative endorsements from Chevrolet and Titleist, the golf-equipment maker.

    FORBES: Norman's conquest

  • Package includes two seders, Glatt-Kosher meals, on-site synagogue, a wide assortment of Passover wines and cordials, a festive barbecue, entertainment, a youth program, and four to 10 nights at this renovated Palm Beach resort, offering a casino, spa, golf course, and activities from scuba diving to deep-sea fishing.

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  • Dr Devine suggests that one such might be the establishment of deep-sea reserves where all fishing is prohibited.

    ECONOMIST: Fishing (I)

  • The pact is designed to place fishing rights, deep-sea mining, global pollution and more under the control of a new global bureaucracy, with disputes adjudicated by a new world court.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Bottom-of-the-sea treaty

  • If ratified by Congress, it will grant a Kingston, Jamaica-based International Seabed Authority (ISA) the power to regulate deep-sea oil exploration, seabed mining, and fishing rights.

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