• In 1984, Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs made the computer mouse mainstream.

    FORBES: At Last: Now You Can Control Your Computer With Your Feet

  • Drivers will be judged according to how quickly they spot the danger and click their computer mouse.

    BBC: Learner drivers face new test

  • It's about the size of a computer mouse and if I touch my chest, I can feel it.

    CNN: 'I'd be an invalid without this device'

  • XML, the human voice becomes a substitute for a computer mouse and the spoken command for a click.

    ECONOMIST: Internet

  • An address on an e-mail, for example, can appear over the text as a map with a move of the computer mouse.

    FORBES: The Business Mash

  • They are programmed into the virtual model as well, creating a detailed virtual city which anyone can navigate with the click of a computer mouse.

    CNN: Virtual L.A.: A traffic-less trip

  • Windows 8, released in late October, can be controlled by touching a display screen, as well the more traditional use of a keyboard or computer mouse.

    NPR: Earnings Preview: Focus On PCs In Microsoft's 3Q

  • Then a puppeteer, wielding a device called a Waldo, somewhat like a computer mouse, worked the face, opening the mouth, raising the eyebrows, distorting the perspective.

    FORBES: But Can She Act?

  • The company, Thin Film Electronics, has a license with reasearch center PARC (inventor of the graphical user interface and the computer mouse) to market printable microelectronics devices.

    FORBES: Why Use Silicon?

  • As an actual computer mouse it's fairly decent.

    ENGADGET: Smartfish Whirl Mini Notebook Laser Mouse review, now on sale for $50

  • Before KeepShot, I had a hard time imagining doing any book editing without a computer mouse, but after a couple of days with the iPad app, my fingers' on-screen gestures were able to create a photo book with no problem.

    WSJ: Review of KeepShot: Hassle-Free Photo Books in One Couch Sitting

  • It would be another bit of sweet vindication for Xerox PARC, which was maligned for years as the lab that invented great stuff--the computer mouse, the point-and-click interface, Ethernet networking--but did little to let Xerox shareholders cash in on it.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • That was followed by the explosive growth of available mutual funds by which investors could swap an entire portfolio with just one phone call, and later just a click of a computer mouse, with no transaction cost if handled directly with the mutual fund, and only one small commission if handled through a discount broker.

    FORBES: Stock Market Becomes Short Attention Span Theater Of Trading

  • But some sociologists, such as Millsom Henry-Waring of the University of Melbourne, have given warning that electronic forms of communication in general and digital-dating services in particular are gradually changing society's conception of relationships and marriage for the worse by encouraging people to view partners as commodities that can simply be traded in for better versions at the click of a computer mouse.

    ECONOMIST: Online dating

  • Spool forward 23 years and its difficult to imagine computer life without the mouse guiding the majority of computer functions, but that's exactly what's on offer in 2007 -- a landmark year in personal computing.

    CNN: In touch with the digital age

  • The computer in the children's room has a biometric mouse, which enables computer log-ins to happen via fingerprints, instead of needing a password.

    CNN: Home of future happening now

  • The mainstream way we interact with a computer these days is still mouse and keyboard.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • The Microsoft Surface, a horizontal touch-screen computer with neither keyboard nor mouse, will go on sale in November.

    ECONOMIST: Computer interfaces

  • Take, for example, the GUI or Graphical User Interface, which allows the moving of items on a desktop computer using icons and a mouse.

    BBC: Parc overflowing with new ideas

  • "Yeah, it is, " I replied, thinking about all the times I'd seen him pretend to shoot people with toy guns and with the mouse on his computer.

    FORBES: Virtual Violence

  • Even the simple act of replacing batteries in the TV remote control or mouse on the computer, or changing a light bulb can be impossible and incredibly frustrating for them.

    FORBES: A Lesson In Keeping An Elderly Parent Safe In Their Own Home

  • Real estate agents have used it to show off properties - potential buyers sitting at home in front of a computer screen can use the mouse to look at every corner of a room or to see what the view is like over the balcony.

    BBC: How tiny cameras have become big business

  • The Net lets anyone with a computer and a modem compete mouse to mouse with mainstream media. (Drudge's publishing empire is the living room of his Hollywood apartment.) But many of the Net's would-be Woodwards and Bernsteins are journalistic novices and wouldn't think, say, to ask court or police sources to confirm a rumor.

    CNN: Character Assassination At Warp Speed

  • Each roughly 56-square-foot room has a daybed those in Philadelphia have an additional pull-out trundle pillows and blankets, along with a 32-inch HDTV that also can be used as a computer with a wireless keyboard and mouse.

    FORBES: Pod Hotels Coming To An Airport Near You

  • In fact, all of the devices in Darby's home -- from the biometric mouse that has his computer reading fingerprints instead of asking for passwords to the media center in his lounge -- are available for ordinary consumers to buy in shops.

    CNN: Home of future happening now

  • Emotiv sells a variety of software including a package of popular games like "Call of Duty" and "World of Warcraft" that are optimized for the company's headset, as well as a program designed to let users control a computer with thoughts instead of a mouse or keyboard.

    WSJ: Mind-Controlled Videogames Become Reality

  • This computer would have no keyboard, no mouse, no real monitor even.

    FORBES: Sub-Windows

  • Gamers do not just want to view their computer or television and be limited to a mouse or controller to feel connected with the game.

    FORBES: Twin Engine Labs Ken Hanson Explains How Apple iOS Can Help ESports Pros And Casual Fans Improve At League Of Legends

  • After helping users figure out how to use new devices from iMacs to iPods to iPhones for so long, perhaps Apple now knows personal computer users are ready to put down the mouse, and point towards a new direction, on their own.

    FORBES: Killing The Mouse, Softly

  • Users interact with the computer via its 30-inch screen--no mouse or keyboard necessary.

    FORBES: Surface Surfaces At AT&T

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