• Price momentum is a key component of chart analysis.

    FORBES: Are Stock Prices Random Or Chaotic?

  • Here is a free copy of my report on ARPAX with a detailed breakdown on our Total Annual Costs rating and analysis on each component that produces the 8.51% number above.

    FORBES: This Fund Is For You If You Love Paying Fees

  • But the due diligence requirements implied in the scienter element of many types of fraud actions and provided expressly as defenses under securities laws are only one component of the due diligence analysis pertinent to the question of civil and criminal liability for SCF.


  • Also emphasized in this strategy is a more robust risk assessment component that incorporates product life cycle analysis and ethical, legal, and societal implications of nanotechnology.

    WHITEHOUSE: Office of Science and Technology Policy Blog

  • In this new business landscape where many activities take on the characteristics long associated only with financial trading, Revolution Analytics supplies tools for statistical analysis, a critical component of big data sometimes neglected by observers of the big data landscape.

    FORBES: Revolution in the Big Data and Business Landscape

  • Federal agencies are required by presidential executive order to prepare a regulatory impact assessment in support of any economically significant regulatory action, an important component of which is a benefit-cost analysis.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Again, I point you to the outside analysis of the American Jobs Act, all of its component pieces, and if enacted what kind of impact that would be on the economy, in terms of job growth and economic growth.

    WHITEHOUSE: Press Briefing

  • Their analysis showed that bad behaviour without psychopathy has relatively little genetic component—less than a third.

    ECONOMIST: Evidence that psychopaths are born, not made

  • Our analysis suggests that a severe contraction in debt or available credit is a key component in every recession.

    FORBES: Double-Dip Yes, But Bullish Just The Same

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