• When orbs are matched, the affiliated monsters will charge up and fire off attacks.

    FORBES: Puzzle and Dragons: A Winning Mobile Mix

  • The new computer system, he thinks, will help charge up the 230 people in Solo's sales force.

    FORBES: Party's Over

  • For the iPad test, Vairmohan measured the amount of power used to charge up an iPad with a drained battery.

    MSN: That iPad costs you just $1.36 a year to charge

  • For the past two days, volunteer riders have been pedaling as crowds of people gather to charge up their cell phones.

    FORBES: Occupy Wall Street Bikes Power NYC's Lower East Side

  • Ideally, this sort of set-up could allow computer users in remote areas to be able to charge up without worrying about grid connectivity.

    FORBES: Was Bell Labs Overrated?

  • Wal-Mart and other superstores charge up to 27% less for food than traditional supermarkets, estimate economists Jerry Hausman of MIT and Ephraim Leibtag of the Department of Agriculture.

    FORBES: The American Standard of Whining

  • This car will charge up in just three to four hours from a 240-volt charging station — and go about 100 miles on a full charge.

    FORBES: Ford Unveils Its First All-Electric Car

  • They charge up to ten times more than informal channels, must change money at official rates and, in some countries, levy a tax on the exchange.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Its Tmall business-to-consumer service, where they can charge up to 15% take-rates for certain products in certain prime locations on the website is also a growing force.

    FORBES: What Will Jack Ma Do Next With Yahoo!?

  • Sure, we own dozens of micro-USB cables, but we don't always have one with us when we need to charge up smartphones, cameras, e-readers and countless other devices.


  • What's interesting is the GM technology would allow you to actually plug it into the wall, charge up oversized batteries, and run almost exclusively on battery power while you're commuting.

    NPR: Auto Giants Put Best Wheel Forward in Los Angeles

  • This is about the time I would expect to have my luck run out, to have some Foot Knight charge up behind me with a pole-axe and thwack me to death.

    FORBES: Connect

  • If we get plug-in hybrid cars, you can plug it in at night and sell back electricity to the utility, and then charge up your car again in the morning before you leave.

    WHITEHOUSE: Online Town Hall

  • Look for the enemies to start up a power blow and block it to get a chance for a nasty retaliatory strike, and charge up your own power attacks by holding down the mouse button.

    FORBES: Hands-On With The Elder Scrolls Online At PAX East 2013

  • They start to charge up at the third-party charging stations available (at malls or in parking garages, say — you could easily imagine a company that installs and maintains the charging stations on behalf of property owners).

    FORBES: Dissecting Chevy Volt's Super Bowl Commercial

  • Unlike the wretched Estelle Morris, who resigned two months ago after admitting she wasn't up to the job, Charles Clarke, the new education secretary, is showing some reluctance to continue the charge up this particular blind alley.

    ECONOMIST: Education

  • Some of the benefits are well-known, such as the lack of Vehicle Excise Duty and exemption from the London congestion charge, but it's becoming easier to charge up a Nissan LEAF on the move with more public charging points opening all the time.

    ENGADGET: New Nissan Leaf comes to the UK with battery leasing option, extended range

  • So provided that your speakers have their own power source, it's just a matter of charging these aluminum dongles up (a single charge lasts up to 10 hours), plugging them in and then pairing the right receiver with your audio source.


  • Comcast will be issuing up to two adapters to each subscriber at no charge for up to two years, assuming you request your equipment within four months of the date of encryption.


  • U.S. sales led the charge, up 5.6% to 42, 640, more than doubling international sales.

    FORBES: Harley-Davidson Chops Margins Guidance And Tanks

  • Running costs are high too: cash withdrawals, for example, can incur a charge of up to 3%.

    ECONOMIST: Russian banking

  • Nonresidents looking for this fund must go through a broker and pay a charge of up to 5.5%.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

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