• It has chosen to retain its opulent and comfortable interior almost precisely as it was, from the original cast-steel bases of the seats in the stalls all the way to the top of its five golden tiers.

    ECONOMIST: More gaudy than Gaudi

  • Ford has developed a prototype vehicle--the P2000--that replaces steel and cast iron in several key components as part of an effort to reduce the weight of a vehicle by 40%, which would create dramatic fuel efficiencies.

    FORBES: Why Aluminum May Glow Like Gold

  • Tiny amounts of metal found in frozen drinks machines were similar to those found in food cooked in cast iron or stainless steel pans, according to independent lab tests, and posed no health risk, the firm added.

    BBC: Coke hits back in fraud probe

  • The bridge was rebuilt in 1985 along the same lines, but made of steel rather than cast iron.

    BBC: Paris to tourists: Stop locking down love

  • While these were only oil on canvas, cast in bronze or forged in steel, not living people, the tragedy is minimized but their destruction is almost as sad, because it was equally needless and equally barbaric.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • One of the players suffered a broken wrist and will be in a cast for two weeks, according to Steel manager Tammy Hohlweg.

    FORBES: Youth Hockey Coach, Forgetting Everything Is Filmed, Trips Player in Handshake Line

  • But Mr. DeBlasio also cast doubt on the rationale for which Deputy Mayor Robert Steel said the city would be willing to consider a private operator: the chance that a for-profit vendor would more readily embrace new technologies and parking systems.

    WSJ: Privatizing New York City Parking Meters: DeBlasio Critical of Plan

  • The plant was only saved when a deal was struck to establish Teesside Cast Products, owned by Corus, but responsible for finding its own buyers for its steel.

    BBC: Corus Teesside - A fight for jobs

  • Head chef Stuart Tattersall, formerly of Hix in London, cooks in the dining room at a large open fire on a steel shelf (an idea Braka poached from a restaurant in Paris), where cast-iron pans roast potatoes and specialties of the house a rib of beef for two, a rump steak.

    WSJ: The Perfect English Country Inn

  • Like many Moscow apartments, it did not look much from the outside - a heavy, grey-steel security door, a scruffy communal entrance hall, a grand old staircase with a cast-iron banister spoiled by multiple layers of shiny, off-blue institutional paint.

    BBC: In Moscow, history is everywhere

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