• The government needs to pass the Preparation Bill before the HS2 Hybrid Bill to build and construct the line, which also includes powers to make compulsory purchases of land.

    BBC: HS2 legislation outlined in Queen's Speech

  • On Friday, he met with the Vatican diplomatic corps and thanked them for the work they do to "build peace and construct bridges of friendship and fraternity" with some 180 states around the world.

    CNN: New pope, old pope meet for lunch

  • But today, that arc is more like five years, so you have to build change into your organizational construct.

    FORBES: Why Kickstarter and TEDx are the Future of Business

  • Howard Herzog of the MIT Energy Initiative points out that even when the technology is perfected it will take years to build up the capacity to construct large numbers of clean coal plants.

    FORBES: Is The Next Big Climate Change Solution Just Vaporware?

  • It enables the Chinese to build and operate their own space station, establish the technology that is necessary to efficiently send astronauts to the moon and beyond, build and operate fuel depots, and construct vehicles and bases in space.

    CNN: China's giant, quiet step in space

  • Investors such as Orizo, who were willing to construct luxury tourist lodges, were needed to build the essential infrastructure.

    BBC: The future of conservation in Kenya

  • Mr Hague told the Commons on 20 February 2012 that if the Tehran regime managed to construct a viable weapon, its neighbours would be forced to build their own nuclear warheads too.

    BBC: Hague warns of 'Middle East arms race'

  • Raising Malawi at first planned to build a major girls academy, but later revised its goal and joined buildOn to construct smaller schools in villages.


  • In March, Israel announced plans to build 600 homes in East Jerusalem, as part of the Jerusalem mayor's initiative to construct 40, 000 homes throughout the city to ease the housing plight of young couples.

    CNN: Israel under fire over settlement plans

  • Adding Biogen Idec would graft labs in California and Massachusetts to this just-created construct, or else shift them into a parallel research and development operation Pfizer is just starting to build from close to scratch out of San Francisco.

    FORBES: Should Pfizer Buy Biogen? No.

  • He also called for increased efforts to build and distribute fairly the 36 million units of affordable "social housing" that the government has pledged to construct over the next five years to help meet demand from migrants and ease property prices.

    WSJ: China's Population Shifts to Cities

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