bring in 引进;生产;增加

brick in 引进;生产;增加

  • They bring-in their digital information, communities and followers, in and around digital ripple-access of their digital communities.

    FORBES: What is special about contributor model at Forbes?

  • Delta's ability to get pilots onboard its cost program, while managing to bring in non-union workers in every capacity except the dispatcher group, is a big part of why costs are mostly under control, says industry consultant Michael Boyd of the Boyd Consulting.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • Even the middling ones can bring in hundreds of millions of dollars in sales--and the biggest blockbusters bring in billions.

    FORBES: 2001: The Year In Biotech

  • Both of those drugs--Prozac and Claritin, respectively--now bring in less than one-tenth of the revenue they once garnered.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • It is also pushing for a board and management shake-up to bring in more commercial-banking experience—Citi's boss, Vikram Pandit, and some of his closest lieutenants cut their teeth in capital markets.

    ECONOMIST: Repaying TARP money

  • Over the past three years Ellison has done what his critics said he could never bring himself to do: bring in high-powered management from the outside.

    FORBES: Larry Ellison

  • However, on a teacher's salary, I can only afford to bring in low-quality snacks to feed my students that come to school hungry, but what I bring in is better than what they get in the cafeteria.

    NPR: Child Hunger: Nutritious Food Tough To Afford

  • He hopes his recent Arabian tour will bring in billions of petro-dollars in investment and thus much-needed jobs.

    ECONOMIST: Indonesia

  • And it can certainly acquire companies to bring innovation in-house.

    FORBES: Connect

  • Toyota announced this week that it would be delaying plans to bring its plug-in, lithium-ion-based model to market until 2011, as opposed to 2008, due to safety concerns over the company's chosen battery.

    ENGADGET: Toyota delays next-gen Prius while GM inks deal with lithium-ion maker

  • Thanks to accelerometers, gyroscopes and buttons in odd places, users can do things such as bring up in-game sights by looking down the plastic rifle's barrel, or steady their shot by pulling the faux weapon close to their arm.


  • Because if you bring singers in - ringers in - two weeks before the performance and you haven't do two rehearsals and then they sing the performance, what happens is the rest of the chorus is still singing the same notes they always sang or they're not singing it at all.

    NPR: Storied Glee Club Faces Waning Membership

  • Ehud Barak, the prime-minister-in-waiting, was reluctant to bring in the religious party while Mr Deri, who was sentenced to prison in April for corruption, remained at its head.


  • The price that the buyers have offered for the discount retailer, which competes with other club-membership stores like Costco as well as big-box stores like Wal-Mart to bring in loyal customers with lower passed-through product costs, is fair, say some analysts.

    FORBES: BJ's Announces Sale To Private Buyers For $2.8 Billion

  • Koenig, now a science advisor on the GROVER Project, asked Hans-Peter Marshall, a glaciologist at Boise State University to bring in his expertise in small, low-power, autonomous radars that could be mounted on GROVER.

    ENGADGET: NASA's GROVER eco-rover to examine Greenland's ice sheet (video)

  • CDU-led government would try first to bring in more labour-market reforms.

    ECONOMIST: Germany's election

  • The Alltel deal will bring in spectrum in the 700-, 850- and 1900-megahertz bands in rural areas in Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, North Carolina, Ohio and South Carolina.

    FORBES: The Mad Scramble for Spectrum

  • So I think this is important for international country to work with them, helping them, and make sure that they reinstall -- they bring the true democracy in term of -- the real democracy that the international law with the practice and close the gap, and make sure that people will have better life and better jobs.

    WHITEHOUSE: The White House

  • For years, CPAs have been referring business to financial planners and insurance agents, and in the past ten years there has been a trend to bring those professionals in-house instead of referring this business away from their firms.

    FORBES: Red Flags: How to Know When Your CPA Isn't Really Working For You

  • In Europe, in Latin America, in Africa, in Asia and now in the Arab world, sudden events and slow-moving trends bring us into a new world -- in the Pacific and in the Mediterranean -- and we welcome the new global governments in the G20, reflecting the growing influence of emerging countries as well as their new responsibilities.

    WHITEHOUSE: President Obama Speaks on US-EU Summit with Herman Van Rompuy and President José Manuel Barroso | The White House

  • Available now for large-scale commercial deployment in China Mobile's first trial TD-LTE network, which spans 13 cities in China, lightRadio Metro Radio will bring high-performance 4G services to residents in densely populated areas of Shanghai, Nanjing and Qingdao, three of the fastest growing cities in China and indeed the world.

    ENGADGET: Alcatel-Lucent's latest lightRadio development aims to spread TD-LTE across China

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