• Every building in Sanaa is draped with Yemen's red, white and black flag to mark this democratic event.

    ECONOMIST: Yemen: Be happy, why worry? | The

  • Their black flag resembled the one people had seen on YouTube videos posted by al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb.

    NPR: Woman In Timbuktu Punished For Forbidden Love

  • They have also raided the base of the 2, 300 American-led peacekeepers in Sinai, planting the black flag of jihad on its ground.

    ECONOMIST: Egypt and Gaza

  • Al-Qaeda's black flag can now be spotted in parts of Aden, the strategic port that is the main city of the south.

    ECONOMIST: Strife in Yemen

  • The dueling Black Flag regroupings underscores the unusual nature of band reunions.

    FORBES: Black Flag And The Reality Of Band Reunions

  • At the same time, another crew of Black Flag alumni have announced plans to tour under the name Flag, Brooklyn Vegan reported.

    FORBES: Black Flag And The Reality Of Band Reunions

  • Perhaps the sea battles in AC3 was a sort of proving ground and getting to work and feel right, so they use the tech in Black Flag perhaps?

    FORBES: Move up http://i.forbesimg.com t Move down

  • When the American-led coalition bombed Baghdad, he ordered a change in the national flag: Allahu Akbar (God is great) took centre-place on the country's red, white and black flag.

    ECONOMIST: Iraq rediscovers religion

  • NASCARNo word yet on which exact titles are up for the winning, but a photo on the post indicates we can expect such esteemed titles as Black Flag, White Lies and Extreme Caution.

    FORBES: Win a NASCAR Harlequin Romance Novel!

  • As the army unleashed its firepower on Damascus, the rebels made a dash for a string of crossing posts on the borders with Turkey and Iraq, where they raised their green, white and black flag.

    ECONOMIST: Syria’s civil war

  • Although Ginn founded the group in 1976 and was its lone original member throughout its original incarnation, Black Flag became such a revolving door that any of the other musicians involved have a stake in its memory, legacy, and reunion.

    FORBES: Black Flag And The Reality Of Band Reunions

  • The Assassin's Creed video game series -- beyond its trademark murderous historical fiction -- is known for arriving in annual installments. 2013 is no exception, with French publisher Ubisoft recently revealing Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag, a pirate-centric next entry in the long-running franchise.


  • When a convoy of scores of armed jeeps sporting the black flag signalling sympathy for al-Qaeda recently put on a show of strength in Benghazi's courthouse square, where Libya's revolution began in February last year, thousands of young people, summoned to oppose them by Facebook and text messages, poured into the square and forced them to leave.

    ECONOMIST: Libya’s election

  • The red-and-black Acehnese flag has now appeared fluttering from mosques and electricity pylons and the rebels of the Free Aceh Movement, suppressed for a decade, have launched attacks on army units and government buildings.

    ECONOMIST: East Timor is making other provinces restless

  • If football coaches such as the legendary Lou Holtz (formerly of Arkansas and Notre Dame fame, now at the University of South Carolina) announce that they cannot recruit good black athletes because of the stigma of the flag, that banner could soon come fluttering down.

    ECONOMIST: South Carolina

  • Many even adopted the same flag, with its red, white and black stripes.

    ECONOMIST: Egypt's 50th anniversary: The revolution and its legacy | The

  • His party's flag has echoes of both fascism and Nazism: a black hammer and sickle on a red background.

    ECONOMIST: The man who would scare Vladimir Putin

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