• The Fed has reissued what currency collectors call the "big-headed" bills, complete with magnetic stripes and watermarks, the better to foil counterfeiters.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • The plush is the real-world port of G-Fox, Mozilla Online China's large-headed, big-eyed take on the American mascot, Kit.


  • All across Minnesota, the quiet, decent people who believe in Good Government and Working Together to Resolve Differences are leaning forward in disbelief at the thought that the next Governor of their state might be THIS GREAT BIG HONKING BULLET-HEADED SHOVEL-FACED MUTHA WHO TALKS IN A STEROID GROWL AND DOESN'T STOP.

    CNN: Minnesota's excellent Ventura

  • There will be patterns of the federal government's owning disproportionate pieces of companies headed by big-donation-making CEOs.

    FORBES: Fact and Comment

  • Unfortunately, Singer wants us to think the real villains are the giants themselves, so he conveniently kills off Roderick in the Second Act, leaving us with a big, snarling, two-headed behemoth as our nemesis.

    FORBES: Connect

  • Flurry, established in 2005, is venture-funded and doubtless headed-for-IPO and offers the big data platform upstream that gives apps their smarts.

    FORBES: Apps Lead the Way to the Next Innovation Hypercycle

  • Reliance had already announced at the Cannes Film Festival in May that it would provide funding to eight film-production houses headed by some big Hollywood stars.

    ECONOMIST: An Indian giant comes to Steven Spielberg's rescue

  • In the early 1970s, singer-songwriter Judee Sill seemed headed for big things.

    NPR: Judee Sill's Posthumous 'Dreams'

  • And while he's a level-headed man, Girardi likes to dream big from time to time so he thought of his perfect candidate, Ichiro.

    WSJ: Those Wacky Yankee Lineups

  • Longtime stalwart Temple is headed to join the Big East's football-playing members.

    WSJ: Atlantic 10 tournament hits big time in Big Apple

  • Several other member institutions are headed to the ACC, and Rutgers leaves for the Big Ten in 2014-15.

    WSJ: No. 5 Georgetown pulls away from Cincy at Big East

  • With three minutes left, Carroll rose into the London sky with big-bodied opponent Marouane Fellaini all over him, met Craig Bellamy's free kick and headed it past Everton goalkeeper Tim Howard.

    WSJ: Extreme Makeover: Liverpool Edition?

  • Sparked by Boeheim's vaunted 2-3 zone defense, they started playing better when they headed to New York for the Big East tournament.

    WSJ: Louisville the 'sure thing' in a season of parity

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