• Whatever happens, Mr King is likely to be thwarted in his ambition to make monetary policy boring.

    ECONOMIST: Monetary policy gets interesting

  • It is essential that he should be thwarted in this ambition and disabused of any idea he may have that the West would tolerate it.

    ECONOMIST: Don��t let the endgame be his

  • She saw a future where women, successful yet still thwarted in board service, would be able to reach for the highest levels of leadership and not be denied it because of their gender.

    FORBES: On the Board: A New Way Forward for Women's Corporate Leadership

  • He did not take issue with sales per se, nor interest-free loans per se, but felt that Islamic finance did not permit them to be combined and qualified in a manner that clearly thwarted Islamic finance's central requirement of profit sharing.

    FORBES: Magazine Article

  • It may not be possible to tell if the heightened security measures have in fact thwarted a real bomb plot, or if it has all been a false alarm.

    ECONOMIST: America and Britain on guard | The

  • However, he added that firm implementation of the rules, which has thwarted similar environmental laws in the past, would continue to be a challenge.

    CNN: Beijing tries to clean up its act

  • " But pride and tension ensure that a pre-emptive strike on the Telmarine court is a fiasco. ("Peter the Impetuous" might be a more fitting moniker.) None of this is in Lewis, but the thwarted assault is the most exciting set piece in the picture and would not look out of place beside Peter Jackson's work in "Lord of the Rings.

    CNN: Review: A glowing 'Prince Caspian'

  • During the debate, Mr Odinga said his efforts to establish a local tribunal to try suspects involved in the conflict were thwarted by some of his opponents, who will now be tried at the Hague a month after the 4 March election.

    BBC: Kenyatta and Odinga in first Kenya presidential debate

  • Indeed, the President is reportedly considering air strikes against Saddam's covert weapons programs precisely because the latter has, over the past six years, successfully thwarted a far more intrusive and robust on-site inspection regime than any that could be negotiated in an arms control context.


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