• Sometimes I have meetings that I must attend or meetings where I can be on the telephone.

    FORBES: Wendy Williams: From Syndicated Radio Host to National TV Star

  • Residents will be asked their opinions on the telephone or they can respond online.

    BBC: Bootle Town Hall

  • Whole debit or credit card numbers where the expiry date is known can easily be used to obtain goods over the internet or on the telephone, known as "card-not-present fraud" (CNP).

    BBC: Bin raiding: The growing scourge

  • Fred McClimans: The most significant event on Jan. 1, 2000 will be the failure of the telephone and Internet infrastructure.

    CNN: Network experts take a stab at Y2K predictions

  • The managers also say that the president lied to the grand jury and should be removed from office because the president acknowledged that on occasion he had telephone conversations that included sexual banter -- this was also in the prepared statement -- when, the managers say, the president and Ms. Lewinsky had 17 such telephone conversations over a two-year period of time.


  • "We believe that something that's based on the telephone or a website would be easier for new moms to do than having to go somewhere to have classes, " she says.


  • Modeled after the information and e-commerce transactions available on the Web, the latest in information technology starts with a telephone number that you'll be able to dial to reach a computer that hears and guides your requests and answers them using voice-recognition technology.

    CNN: Graphic

  • The system would be modeled on a method used by cellular telephone service providers to warn each other about people who have a poor record of paying their bills.

    CNN: Next wave of attacks against spammers underway

  • Reports of a Beijing plot to reach deeply into American politics are sketchy, based on intercepts of telephone calls to the Chinese embassy that intelligence analysts say can be interpreted variously.

    CNN: Campaign Finance: The Show Begins

  • Some customers may be able to find the answer to their own questions more quickly on a website than on the telephone, especially if the latter involves waiting on hold for 20 minutes.

    ECONOMIST: Managing customers

  • Sure, they pointed out the tricky setup (routers need to be powered on and off in the proper order), but all said that with the aid of telephone-based customer support, problems were solved .

    FORBES: (Updated) Review: netTALK Duo Underwhelms on Voice Quality

  • And the same can be said for the word, the use of the word " on occasion" when they were talking about telephone conversations to describe 17 telephone conversations that included explicit sexual language.


  • In cross-border matters, the International Telecommunication Union, through which governments co-operate on telephone numbers, would be in charge.

    ECONOMIST: The Internet

  • Snai hopes for permission to start telephone betting by the end of October, and eventually to be able to offer odds on non-sporting events.

    ECONOMIST: The numbers are up

  • Unlike telephone taps, which require prior ministerial approval, bugs can be placed in urgent cases simply on the authorisation of a chief constable.

    ECONOMIST: A snooper’s charter

  • Further you may be faced with a pile of paper that will land on your mat, from the local authority in advance of a telephone adjudication with a solicitor (always the best choice rather than simply having the thing dealt with by exchange of correspondence, though you have the choice).

    BBC: Parking - Your Thoughts

  • Indeed, it may be that the whole idea of a telephone comes to be seen as an anachronism, as personal digital devices take on a bewildering range of new functions.

    ECONOMIST: Communications

  • So what Mr Diamond recalls about this telephone conversation may turn out to be the most explosive and important part of his testimony to MPs on the Treasury Select Committee, which will take place on Wednesday.

    BBC: What did Bank of England say to Barclays about Libor?

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