• The trick is maintaining dedicated engagement without letting yourself be carried away with your personal ingenuity.

    FORBES: Branding: The Peril Of Big Ideas

  • His answer, to simplify a subtle argument, is that it routinely lets itself be carried away by its successes.

    ECONOMIST: 20th-century America

  • But investors tend to be carried away by over-optimistic projections of China's markets, and pay over the top to enter them.

    ECONOMIST: Mobile phones in China

  • And he roams the badlands of the central Australian bush, where the red gums wait for the river to flood before releasing their seeds to be carried away and germinate downstream.

    ECONOMIST: Trees

  • Sometime after that the fixtures will be loaded out and carried away.

    FORBES: Prime Burger, Adieu

  • Had the Hagel affair been the result of a new and inexperienced Senator getting a little too carried away, it would be one thing.

    FORBES: Ted Cruz-The Reincarnation Of Joe McCarthy?

  • The harm done by housing and construction booms in Ireland and Spain should be a caution to would-be members who, once inside, may get carried away by low borrowing costs.

    ECONOMIST: The gains outweigh the losses

  • All too many boards are carried away by a terror that they will be bought before they can buy.

    ECONOMIST: How to make mergers work

  • Black Americans, mostly the descendants of slaves carried away from a few places in west Africa, cannot possibly be representative of the whole continent.

    ECONOMIST: The genetics of happiness

  • Yes, since they can be bought and sold throughout the trading day, unlike traditional mutual funds, investors can get carried away with them.

    FORBES: Surfin' ETFs

  • After a final proof, each flat had to be initialed by me and the production manager before it went in the transport box, which was carried away by the courier, a Vietnam vet with a logo-festooned jacket and handlebar mustache.

    FORBES: My Best Job Ever

  • The change would be poorly timed from a political standpoint, though: At the same time as legislators are trying to take away the lucrative carried-interest tax break from hedge-fund operators, Treasury would be giving it to another group of well-heeled and politically powerful professionals.

    FORBES: Treasury May Give Trial Lawyers a Sweet Tax Break

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