• Among the rioters' targets in the past year have been branches of Bank Central Asia, Indonesia's largest private-sector bank.

    ECONOMIST: A survey of Indonesia: The family firm | The

  • Sioe Liong had died circulated in Jakarta last year, depositors rushed to take out their money from Bank Central Asia.


  • They include Bank Central Asia, owned by Suharto associate Liem Sioe Liong's family, and Bank Umum Nasional, of fellow crony Mohamed "Bob" Hasan.


  • They may use Bank Central Asia for ease of access (it has the most cash machines), another for its high interest rate, and a third because they think it safer.

    ECONOMIST: Indonesian banking

  • Zubyr Soomro, former No. 2 at Citibank's emerging markets division in London, now runs Pakistan third-largest bank, UBL. The new governor of the central bank is Ishrat Hussain, 54, who served as the World Bank's director for Central Asia in Washington.

    CNN: ASIANOW - Asiaweek | Business | A Foreign Solution

  • One study by Australia's central bank calculated that a third of East Asia's GDP growth in 1965-90 came from its favourable demography.

    ECONOMIST: Demography

  • "Central bank currency reserves are in decline in every region with the exception of Asia, where China is still accumulating, " Galy said.

    FORBES: Currencies

  • These concerns that the U.S. central bank is planning to taper its bond-buying program sent stocks in Asia and Europe lower, while a flight to safety ensued.

    WSJ: European Markets Tumble

  • No exact details of Howell's bank accounts and properties in the United States, Central America and south-east Asia were revealed at Friday's hearing or separately, at the pre-sentencing hearing involving his ex-lover Hazel Stewart.

    BBC: Killer dentist Colin Howell has assets in five countries

  • Asia also has more qualitative political and institutional characteristics such as improved central bank credibility, maturing political institutions and seemingly more sound fiscal policies than most of the West, the BlackRock Investor Institute says.

    FORBES: Asia Fast Becoming New Safe Haven, Says BlackRock

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