• That education is the job of professionals, and that by putting children on the assembly line of our modern system of compulsory education, we will somehow churn out well-educated citizens.

    FORBES: The Un-Education of a Nation: Where We Went Wrong

  • As we know in Venezuela, the creation of a constituent assembly led to an increasing authoritarian system where more and more power was delegated from the legislative to the executive power.


  • As Luis Fleischman, writing for The Americas Report, predicted last November, the Ecuadorian President, Rafael Correa, is creating a constituent assembly aimed at increasing a more authoritarian system of government.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Ecuador's democracy at risk

  • Enhanced production and operation of the batteries, including stringent screening of battery cells prior to battery assembly, and a new enclosure and venting system that should avoid overheating and the possibility of fire are the other components.

    FORBES: Boeing Hits Fresh Highs As FAA Approves 787 Battery Fix Plans Amid Reports Of a $15B Order

  • For the first time for many years, the Socialist Party, under Pasqual Maragall, a former mayor of Barcelona, won more votes than Catalonia's conservative nationalists under their long-serving leader, Jordi Pujol, who nonetheless (because of the voting system) won more seats in the assembly.

    ECONOMIST: Spain

  • Indeed, Ron Davies, the Welsh secretary, fears that if the same system is adopted to pick candidates for the Welsh assembly elections, civil war may break out in the Welsh Labour party.

    ECONOMIST: Scottish politics

  • Freedom of assembly and freedom of expression are also characteristics of a modern political system that supports economic modernization.

    WHITEHOUSE: The White House

  • The constitutional changes required for a proper parliamentary system will need a two-thirds majority in the assembly and a referendum.

    ECONOMIST: Kim the peacemaker

  • That much make sense: Given how much of a data center is virtualized, and the management of that becoming something of an overarching operating system, servers may start to look something like what assembly language does now in a single computer: something critical, but not something people look at a lot, and not a place to stake your fortune.

    FORBES: Dell's Data Center Dreams

  • In addition to the continuing review of the aircraft's design, manufacture and assembly, the agency also will validate that 787 batteries and the battery system on the aircraft are in compliance with the special condition the agency issued as part of the aircraft's certification.

    ENGADGET: FAA grounds all US Boeing 787 Dreamliners after second lithium ion battery failure

  • Now, in addition to the 80 first-past-the-post assembly seats, 40 members will be elected on a separate party-list system.

    ECONOMIST: Lesotho's election

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