• Wales voted overwhelmingly to change the assembly's legislative system in a referendum on assembly powers on 3 March 2011.

    BBC: Statement on the referendum

  • They're the party with most to lose, remember, and the proportional nature of the Assembly's voting system camouflaged the hit they took a year ago, losing only one of their six seats.

    BBC: How much anger on the doorstep?

  • The previous Welsh Assembly Government proposed a different system for South Pembrokeshire, with contractors employed by the government to trap and shoot the animals.

    BBC: UK public opposed to badger cull, opinion poll suggests

  • Indeed, because the electoral system for the assembly makes it extremely difficult for any one party to win an overall majority, then every vote really does count.

    BBC: Everyone has two votes - although you don't have to use both

  • That education is the job of professionals, and that by putting children on the assembly line of our modern system of compulsory education, we will somehow churn out well-educated citizens.

    FORBES: The Un-Education of a Nation: Where We Went Wrong

  • As we know in Venezuela, the creation of a constituent assembly led to an increasing authoritarian system where more and more power was delegated from the legislative to the executive power.


  • Nevertheless, the Welsh Assembly looks set to change the system in Wales to opt-out, and the report notes that this provides a rich opportunity for robust research into the likely effects it would have across Britain.

    BBC: Viewpoint: Should organ donors get free funerals?

  • He also hit out at the present proportional representation system for voting for assembly members which he described as leading to "perverse outcomes", with candidates defeated in a first-past-the-post system getting in under the regional list ballot.

    BBC: Hain defends Whitehall changes

  • Each LNG In A Box unit is fully equipped with a gas pre-treatment system, cold box assembly and boil off gas compressor as well as a GE's turboexpander compressor, high-speed reciprocating compressor, electric motor, driver and control system.

    WSJ: GE Unveils LNG In A Box(TM) System; Gasfin Selects New Technology for Fueling Stations in Europe

  • The first minister gave details of how the assembly would move to the new legislative system.

    BBC: Statement on the referendum

  • Mr Wells said he had brought the debate to the assembly due to proposed changes to the system in Wales.

    BBC: Northern Ireland Assembly

  • The system aims to make the Assembly's business more open to issues of importance to AMs and communities across Wales.

    BBC: Debate by an Individual Member

  • As Luis Fleischman, writing for The Americas Report, predicted last November, the Ecuadorian President, Rafael Correa, is creating a constituent assembly aimed at increasing a more authoritarian system of government.

    CENTERFORSECURITYPOLICY: Ecuador's democracy at risk

  • Enhanced production and operation of the batteries, including stringent screening of battery cells prior to battery assembly, and a new enclosure and venting system that should avoid overheating and the possibility of fire are the other components.

    FORBES: Boeing Hits Fresh Highs As FAA Approves 787 Battery Fix Plans Amid Reports Of a $15B Order

  • In Northern Ireland, The DUP and Sinn Fein are expected to remain the biggest parties in the Northern Ireland Assembly, but there has been controversy over the system for counting votes.

    BBC: Vote 2011: UK rejects alternative vote

  • For the first time for many years, the Socialist Party, under Pasqual Maragall, a former mayor of Barcelona, won more votes than Catalonia's conservative nationalists under their long-serving leader, Jordi Pujol, who nonetheless (because of the voting system) won more seats in the assembly.

    ECONOMIST: Spain

  • In common with the Northern Ireland Assembly, Belfast City Council uses the D'Hondt system to decide how posts are divided out.

    BBC: Belfast City Council votes for rule change

  • The "new" Solar System agreed at the IAU's General Assembly has eight planets - Mercury to Neptune - and at least three dwarf planets: Pluto, Eris and the largest asteroid in the Solar System, Ceres.

    BBC: NEWS | Science/Nature | Astronomers name 'world of chaos'

  • The minister reassured the assembly that it would in no way resemble the league table system.

    BBC: Urgent question: education reforms

  • "I'm not responsible for what the first minister or the ministers say, I'm responsible for making sure the system is there for the other members of the assembly to actually question them, " said Mrs Butler.

    BBC: Welsh assembly: Presiding Officer rejects 'cosy' claim

  • The twinning system which attempted to create gender balance in the assembly combined with a decision to put an English MEP on the European list higher than some Welsh candidates, were bound to cause some resentment in Wales.

    BBC: Alun Michael: Fighting to be first

  • Freedom of assembly and freedom of expression are also characteristics of a modern political system that supports economic modernization.

    WHITEHOUSE: The White House

  • The constitutional changes required for a proper parliamentary system will need a two-thirds majority in the assembly and a referendum.

    ECONOMIST: Kim the peacemaker

  • Elaine Edwards, the General Secretary of UCAC, said that they believed in an independent education system for Wales, and therefore believed that only the assembly should be legislating on education in Wales.

    BBC: Legislation committee on education LCO

  • That much make sense: Given how much of a data center is virtualized, and the management of that becoming something of an overarching operating system, servers may start to look something like what assembly language does now in a single computer: something critical, but not something people look at a lot, and not a place to stake your fortune.

    FORBES: Dell's Data Center Dreams

  • In addition to the continuing review of the aircraft's design, manufacture and assembly, the agency also will validate that 787 batteries and the battery system on the aircraft are in compliance with the special condition the agency issued as part of the aircraft's certification.

    ENGADGET: FAA grounds all US Boeing 787 Dreamliners after second lithium ion battery failure

  • Michelle McIlveen of the DUP referred to the importance of Strangford as a breeding ground for common and grey seals, and said the assembly should not underestimate the importance of the mussel beds as a filtration system and as a nursery for other species.

    BBC: Sustainability of Strangford Lough

  • Now, in addition to the 80 first-past-the-post assembly seats, 40 members will be elected on a separate party-list system.

    ECONOMIST: Lesotho's election

  • The following is an example of how the system would work when being used to allocate committee chairmen in the Assembly.

    BBC: The d'Hondt system explained

  • During the Nov.10-13 session, Assembly members passed 12 decrees they felt would go some way in reforming the system and righting past wrongs.


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