• What now lays in storage is an assemblage of garments that reflects a full life.

    WSJ: Anna Piaggi's Costume Drama

  • Either side are two cardboard flats, the assemblage framed by four lamps the photographer Styles's makeshift studio.

    ECONOMIST: At 81, Peter Brook turns to Africa to keep himself young

  • The space has a casualness to it, with an assemblage of vignettes for working and lounging.

    WSJ: A Museum-Quality Living Room

  • Instead it is an assemblage of newspaper columns and academic papers, some not so new.

    ECONOMIST: India's economy

  • In the early 1900's, Fremont was centred around an assemblage of industries on the north of Lake Union shore.

    BBC: Seattle��s Fremont neighbourhood

  • The CrowdfundTX Conference featured an impressive assemblage of crowdfunding leaders from around the country.

    FORBES: Top Ten Issues Raised at Texas Crowdfunding Conference

  • Lanier and colleague Dana Taschner have managed to squeeze an interesting assemblage of people into the suit.

    FORBES: Facebook privacy lawsuit tried by the press. Found lacking.

  • In rural Sai Kung in the New Territories, a growing assemblage of techies have built an enviable life.

    CNN: Connect The Dots

  • For example, more thought will have to be given to allowing for the assemblage of a more expansive "no-fly" list.

    CNN: Blame game won't stop terrorism

  • They also built a massive citadel, a rambling assemblage of some 150 palaces, pavilions, temples, gardens, ponds, gates, and halls.

    FORBES: A Vietnam Less Traveled -- For Now

  • The expertise comes in the "assemblage" or blending, which is carried out by the Krug family with the benefit of the experience of generations.

    CNN: Krug: class in a glass

  • That's also engagingly reflected in "Prayer at the Museum" (2008) an assemblage by the Colombian Alvaro Barrios that is an homage to Marcel Duchamp.

    WSJ: Caribbean: Crossroads of the World | Tropical Ambition | By Tom L. Freudenheim

  • Last year Christie's reported record sales for Latin contemporary work like that of Brazilian assemblage artist Beatriz Milhazes (part of Lopez's current show at Jumex).

    FORBES: 2005 Collectors Guide

  • Blackburn, an Arlington, Va. collector who is divesting all his guns, accumulated a meticulous assemblage of guns from the American Revolution through the 20th century.

    FORBES: Hot Shots

  • This process could result in a piecemeal assemblage of potentially incompatible parts of dubious reliability in an untested reactor of questionable technology with no operational track record.

    ECONOMIST: Letters

  • The production model is a polished-looking assemblage of aluminum and judiciously placed titanium and carbon fiber, along with sensors, motors, joints, off-the-shelf DSPs and custom circuitry and software.


  • Ocean became something of a mentor to the loopy rapper, whose coalition, Odd Future, which includes the rapper Earl Sweatshirt, was a rising assemblage of profane, libidinal, seemingly homophobic loons.

    NEWYORKER: Sea Change

  • Schussel told the assemblage on behalf of the E.

    CNN: Waiting To Move Ahead

  • The assemblage looks multi-ethnic and, at a pinch, broad-based.

    ECONOMIST: Special report

  • Her inaugural exhibition featured the Italian design duo Formafantasma, who presented a textile series called Colony, an assemblage of mohair and mixed-media blankets meant as a critique of Italian imperialism in Africa.

    WSJ: Libby Sellers Knows the Art of Design

  • In an interview two years before Purifoy's death, The Tavis Smiley Show producer Roy Hurst talked with the artist about his legacy of "protest art" and the legitimacy of the assemblage art movement.

    NPR: Noah Purifoy: Art as Elegant Wreckage

  • That dynamic is a mix of roleplaying rules (levels, experience points, etc) with wait-or-pay rules (energy, building with clicks, paying to shortcut) and guided goals through a repetitive activity (digging, questing, item assemblage).

    FORBES: EA Sues Zynga, But Deeper Social Issues Threaten

  • And from the ashes of the riots, Purifoy created art rubble from the shattered neighborhood became objects for his "66 Signs Neon" series of art projects, establishing Purifoy as a leader in the assemblage art movement.

    NPR: Noah Purifoy: Art as Elegant Wreckage

  • At Chavez's state funeral earlier in the day, Maduro stood before an assemblage of presidents, princes and left-wing glitterati, speaking in a booming voice over the flag-draped casket in a ceremony that at times smacked of a political rally.

    NPR: Fiery Funeral For Venezuela's Chavez

  • The first time I visited this august assemblage, around the turn of the century, the received opinion was that the United States was so far ahead of the rest of the world that no one could ever catch up.

    NEWYORKER: After America

  • Auds willing to lose themselves in a kind of Internet-style armchair adventure will doubtless be swept up, though more critical eyes will note that the Western world is considerably on greater view in this assemblage than contributions from Latin America, Asia and Africa.

    FORBES: Life in a Day: Last Year You Made A Movie, Time For Your Close-Up

  • Paul Getty had the drive to go from single maverick oilman to the very slow amassing of depressed oil shares in a number of public companies that could over time be merged together into an assemblage of an integrated oil giant that itself would be valuable to a larger oil giant.

    FORBES: The Getty Genius Moves On From Oil To Digital Media

  • Niloofar, who is twenty-seven, is a striking woman with a strong face and high cheekbones, and, on the day I met her, at the Parliament, she wore, instead of a burka, a brilliant turquoise shalwar kameez and head scarf all the more noticeable in the assemblage of drably suited and robed male M.

    NEWYORKER: The Taliban��s Opium War

  • Managing for the variance, instead of the average, is the outcome of great project leadership: a search for the best ideas, leadership thoughtfulness, ambitiousness, a passion for the job at-hand, the assemblage of the right skills, obsession with details, and unreasonableness in the attempt to get the most out of the talent assembled, are all attributes characteristic of great teams, and of great leaders.

    FORBES: South to the Pole: Leadership Wins the Race

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