• Esmerian bought Fred Leighton in 2005 as a retail outlet for the inventory of his company, R.

    FORBES: Former Fred Leighton Owner Pleads Guilty to Bankruptcy Fraud

  • But while Amazon has proved it's possible to sell books on the Internet, this doesn't necessarily vindicate the Web as a retail outlet.

    FORBES: Does Amazon.com really matter?

  • Once you have decided to purchase a gun from a retail outlet -- it could be a local gun shop or national chain such as Bass Pro Shops, Cabelas or Walmart -- the store enters your name and information into the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, or NICS, via a toll-free number or the Internet, to check the eligibility of the buyer.

    CNN: Background checks on gun sales: How do they work?

  • And one must wonder if a place like Amazon, which is basically a retail entertainment outlet, will reconsider distancing its name from this particular service.

    FORBES: Why WikiLeaks got the boot from Amazon

  • In recent weeks, a flurry of articles has taken a look at this emerging phenomenon, fueled by a Bloomberg report that Amazon is planning on opening a traditional retail outlet in its hometown of Seattle.

    FORBES: Will Amazon Get Physical?

  • Named after a cacao-rich region of central Venezuela, Chuao Chocolatier morphed from a single location retail outlet in 2002 into a specialty food up-and-comer in 2005, shipping 2, 000 bars per flavor every month.

    FORBES: How A California Chocolatier Is Going National

  • Anyway, my relationship with 1D was taken to dizzying, new heights on a recent family trip to New York City when we paid a visit to One Direction World, a 9, 000 square foot retail outlet conveniently located next to Madison Square Garden (where they are playing a sold out show tonight).

    FORBES: OMG! I'm A One Direction Fan?!

  • For starters, there is a law that says foreign retailers are not allowed to sell goods directly to the public, so Wal-Mart built a wholesale distribution center instead of their typical retail outlet.

    FORBES: Wal-Mart: A Good Plan in Africa

  • Nonetheless, she noted that unlike Apple, which has its own retail stores, Amazon lacks a natural brick-and-mortar outlet to sell its products.

    WSJ: Amazon Plans iPad Rival

  • They haven't compared the cost of selling a product on the Internet with that of selling it in the traditional retail outlet.

    FORBES: How to Bomb the Boom

  • The core agri-business remains a winner, and the group's retail arm continues to do well, peppering Thailand with a new 7-Eleven outlet every two days (although CP reduced its stake in that operation as well).


  • When you walk into an outlet mall store, you will notice great looking displays just like in a traditional retail store.

    FORBES: 7 Tips For Outlet Mall Shopping

  • European based retail company Chic Outlet Shopping combined retailing and tourism, executed the concept masterfully and struck a goldmine.

    FORBES: The Billion Dollar Travel Trend You've Never Heard Of

  • Value Retail provides sample itineraries for travelers incorporating the Chic Outlet Shopping experience as part of their trip and suggest a slew of other noteworthy destinations around each outlet center worth checking out.

    FORBES: The Billion Dollar Travel Trend You've Never Heard Of

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