• So QE is a kind of magic bullet, helping all asset prices to rise.

    ECONOMIST: Buttonwood

  • It's a kind of magic ingredient that builds flavor even as it saves time and effort.

    WSJ: Kelp Wanted

  • There is a kind of magic about them, poetic, haunting and distinctive.

    ECONOMIST: Decades of portraits in the flesh

  • As the book's title suggests, it may indeed be most appropriate to think of this listening process as a kind of magic.

    ECONOMIST: Conjurors

  • Tracks features include A Kind Of Magic, Bohemian Rhapsody, Radio Ga Ga, I Want To Break Free and The Show Must Go On.

    BBC: Freddie Mercury

  • There's something about rhyme, about formal patterns of accents, about parallelism in grammatical structure -- they give language a kind of magic and permanence.

    FORBES: Why not a sonnet?

  • Clowning is a kind of innocent magic, divorced from day-to-day reality and enacted within a world of uncomplicated enchantment.

    ECONOMIST: What clowns and painters have in common

  • " He also hints at something that Microsoft is working on: "The ultimate pervasive display...is a kind of a magic window, potentially as big as a wall in your house, which would allow people from different locations to interact as if standing on opposite sides of a giant pane of glass.

    WSJ: European Corporate Leaders Weigh In on 2012 Technology Trends

  • From inspiring Newton's theory of gravity to the wassail ceremonies that drive evil spirits from the trees each January, the orchard has long been a place of quiet contemplation and a very British kind of magic.

    BBC: England's West Country: Still the apple of our eye

  • "From a wedding planning perspective, 12 months is kind of the magic number, " Winikka said.


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