• "It's a horizontal motion of two pieces of the Earth's crust on either side of a vertical crack in the Earth,"

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  • In the meantime the Eiffel Tower is a wonderful way of showing the degree to which the vertical axis is virtual.


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  • Of course, once we get to feminism, feminism will have certain ideas of its own about the vertical axis.


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  • The mountain boasts the steepest vertical drop of any course in the eastern United States.

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  • The sense of going back and forth, no one of us on top, not correspondent in a vertical way, how things going down there.


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  • In Scratch, the block you may have used for this idea literally says "or" for or; in C, two vertical bars.


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  • On the vertical axis I'll put two vertical axes in, just for the sake of things on the vertical axis I'll put my expected payoffs.


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  • I have it shown with the--the vertical lines on this chart indicate recessions and this shows--this is from 1948 to 2007 and every recession that we've had since 1948 is shown.


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  • Time. Okay, pitch and time and pitch and duration, excellent, so those are the two dimensions of music and well, indeed we could even call them the axes of music because we tend to think of pitch on a vertical axis.


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  • Let's look at 2py, which is vertical.


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  • The velocity has no vertical component. There is no Vy.

    初速度没有竖直分量,没有 Vy

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  • The lines will get shallower and eventually become horizontal and vertical respectively.


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  • % It hits the vertical access at 5%.


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  • So the pink line is going to move towards the vertical, and the blue line is going to move towards the horizontal, and notice that the amount of effort that we generate, goes down dramatically, goes down in this direction.


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  • This is the vertical direction y.


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  • For example, suppose you use vertical motion and you use y instead of x; and a would be g or -g; that's a particle falling down under the affect of gravity.

    例如,假设在竖直运动中,你用 y 来代替 x,那么 a 就是 g 或者 -g,这就是一个受重力作用下落的质点

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  • Obviously, you look at these drawings and you say, "Ah ha. That's the vertical axis," right?


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  • Excuse me. So what I'm going to do is, let's draw a picture that has S1 on the horizontal axis and S2 on the vertical axis.


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  • Quite often, it's natural to pick x and y in a certain way, because starting a projectile near the Earth, it makes sense to pick the horizontal as x and vertical as y.

    我们经常会很自然地选取 x 轴和 y 轴,因为如果在地表附近做抛物运动,我们通常以水平方向为 x 轴,竖直方向为 y 轴

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  • For most of us, gravity acts this way, defines a vertical direction very naturally and the blackboard is oriented this way, so very natural to call that x and call that y and line up our axes.

    对我们多数人来说,重力作用下,很自然地确定了竖直方向,而我们的黑板又是这个指向的,所以很自然地定出 x 轴和 y 轴,并标出我们的坐标系

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vertical direction 垂直方向

vertical shaft 立井;立轴;立柱

vertical distribution 垂直分布;竖向分布

vertical load 垂直荷载;垂直加载

vertical integration 垂直整合;垂直统一管理;纵向结合

vertical displacement 垂直位移;竖直位移

vertical lathe [机]立式车床(等于ertical boring mill)

vertical axis 垂直轴;纵轴

vertical line 垂直线;铅垂线

vertical section 垂直切面,纵断面

vertical plane 垂直面

vertical position 垂直位置,竖直位置;立焊位置

vertical structure 垂直结构,纵向结构

vertical resolution 垂直分辨率;垂直分解

vertical tube 垂直管

vertical flow 竖直怜

vertical distance 垂直距离

vertical pressure 垂直压力

vertical force 垂直力

vertical plate 竖直板

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