• Since the golden age of Greece, there has been only one era of reason in twenty-three centuries of Western philosophy.

    FORBES: Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan And Ayn Rand: Now That's the Ticket

  • The founding of western philosophy by Socrates in the 5th century B.

    FORBES: Greece Must Rediscover its Golden Age

  • " That strikes him odd, since the classics remain the underpinning of Western philosophy: "We are the heirs of the Greeks and the prisoners of their thought.

    FORBES: Homemade Herodotus

  • He presented it not as a dry policy plan, with just numbers and actuarial tables, but as a manifesto that drew on the canon of Western political philosophy as interpreted by conservative intellectuals.

    NEWYORKER: Fussbudget

  • The issue of academic control surfaced again in September, when the John William Pope Center for Higher Education Policy offered to help fund a Western-philosophy course that the university had included in budget cuts.

    NEWYORKER: State for Sale

  • Deepak Chopra is the founder of The Chopra Center for Wellbeing in Carlsbad, California, and is acknowledged as one of the master teachers of Eastern philosophy in the Western world.

    FORBES: Exclusive: Deepak Chopra Explores the Evolution of God

  • Although most well known for its prohibition of interest, Shariah is in fact a wholly different philosophy from the conventional western outlook of finance.

    FORBES: South Dakota's Ill-Considered Attack On Islamic Financing

  • Staff Sergeant JASON RICHTER (U.S. Marine Corps): They've had a lot of exposure to the Soviet style and philosophy of military thinking, which is very different from Western style.

    NPR: Georgia Boosts Troop Commitment to Iraq Coalition

  • This conference falls within the context of a series of workshops aimed to enhance dialogues between philosophers in Asian and Arab regions to broaden intercultural communication, and strengthen the role of philosophy in public policy, and to promote the teaching of non-Western philosophies around the world.

    UNESCO: Location

  • Stanley Fish, a literary theorist, has suggested that the entire history of Western thought could be written as a history of the debate between Socrates and the sophists, namely that between philosophy and rhetoric.

    ECONOMIST: Letters

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