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water transportation

  • 水路运输



... means of transportation交通设施 water transportation水路运输 land transportation陆路运输 ...


  [水运] 水上运输

... 车辆检验 Vehicle inspection 水上运输 Water transportation 渔轮 Fishing vessels ...



Inland Water Transportation 内河运输 ; 内河航运

joint rail-and-water transportation [交] 水陆联运 ; 翻译

Sea water transportation 海水输送

water transportation research institute 水运科学研究所

water transportation by rafting 筏运 ; 排运

all water transportation 全程水运

Water Transportation Digest 水路运输文摘

Land and water transportation 水陆交通便利

water transportation education in China 中国水运教育

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    And they also mean the Chinese stock market is a good choice for water transportation corporations? equity.


    参考来源 - 我国水运上市公司IPO发行决策绩效研究
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    Secondly, the analysis of water transportation supply of coal in coastland and the main content is that the analysis of the present situation of water transportation supply and the developing trend of coal transportation supply & the shipping line distribution.

    第二部分:煤炭运输供给分析。 主要内容有:煤炭水路运输供给现状分析和煤炭运输供给以及航线分布的发展趋势 第三部分:沿海煤炭运输市场运价分析。

    参考来源 - 中国沿海煤炭运输市场分析
  • 水上交通 - 引用次数:19

    Assessment the usefulness to circulate to VTS system with the result that obtain to take the gauge of the VTS system on promote the water transportation safety, increase the transportation efficiency and prevent water pollution the aspect to obtain.5.


    参考来源 - VTS后评估方法的研究与应用
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    Based on the SPAC water transportation theory, a soil layered waterbalance model for the simulation of the two dimensional soil-water content ina megranate-wheat alleycrop stand was developed in this paper.


    参考来源 - 太行山低山丘陵区农林复合模式耗水特征的研究
    水分迁移 - 引用次数:2

    Results showed that micro relief pattern was a key influence factor for soil water transportation.


    参考来源 - 苏打盐渍土的微域特征以及水分的迁移规律探讨
  • 水上运输


Water transportation

  • abstract: Water transportation is the intentional movement of water over large distances. Methods of transportation fall into three categories:

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  • Water transportation was outmoded by railroads and good pikes.



  • Since the northeast region of North American is interconnected by many streams and waterways, water transportation by vessels like a canoe was most essential.



  • Pipelines from the individual blades link to the server rack's water-pipe network, which in turn is connected to the main water transportation network.



  • These include transportation and communications systems, water and power lines, and public institutions including schools and hospitals.

    VOA: special.2010.04.02

  • Many researchers now believe that the first route followed was along the coast of the Indian Ocean and that water transportation was invented very early on to reach islands in Southeast Asia.

    FORBES: Out Of Africa

  • Key industries in the region that are expected to benefit the most include: construction, machinery manufacturing, fabricated metal manufacturing, water transportation, professional and technical services, electrical equipment manufacturing, plastics products manufacturing and primary metals manufacturing.

    FORBES: 'Icebreaker': Offshore Wind Making Waves in Energy and Economic Development

  • The same goes for train travel and car travel but there is an exception for travel by boat: if you travel by ocean liner, cruise ship, or other form of luxury water transportation for business purposes, there is a daily limit on the amount you can deduct.

    FORBES: What Happens in Vegas: Traveling for Business

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