• "Does the garden belong to you?"

    VOA: special.2009.05.23

  • When he comes to one of the common sort, he says, "You bloody imbecile, get the hell back to where you belong."


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  • I mean that can include... you know, me... sneaking my way into an award show that I don't belong at


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  • Patrick,who is also an activemember of the community. "But at first when they saw us celebrating only Passover and they were saying, 'Oh,this is not a good type of religion for you to belong.' So when we got to know about Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur,Hanukkah, maybe lighting the candles and the Feast of Esther, which is Purim, and the fasting day, we were really happy,".

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  • They're just antigens that belong to you and so you don't normally mount an immune response to antigens that are part of you.


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  • You don't belong here with these niggers."


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  • I say this in all my classes, I've published thousands of pages on different subjects, all of you can do it better, because you can do it from your own point of view you can do it afresh, you have new resources you are different people, you belong to different generations.


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  • It's very exciting, but if you think you know everything you don't need to learn, you don't belong to us. I always need to learn.


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  • If something's holy, It doesn't belong to you, it belongs to God.


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  • When these CD8 T-cells see your MHC1 together with an antigen that doesn't belong in you, it creates an immune response.

    当CD8 T细胞识别MHC1时,同时识别了不属于你的抗原,由此产生免疫反应

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  • I have to stress, though, that scholars differ very much on where the seams in the text are, what parts of the story belong to J or E, or P, so you'll read very, very different accounts.


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