• You're not. I can see what you're trying to put off, but I can see that it's justto keep people away from you.

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  • And I won't go through it, but what you can see is it's more or less, it is in fact, exponential.


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  • Like, it's really good to have a digital camera because you can see like directly what the image is like.


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  • You can bend over and look at your reflection, or you can jump in thrash around, see it what it feels like, what it smells like.

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  • Well this third picture you can't probably see too much about but you probably recognize what it is, right?


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  • They just have to keep at it, you know,see what they can do."

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  • This is boring. In fact, you can do some nice things to prove what is the class of functions you can compute with straight-line programs, and what you'd see if you did that is, it's not particularly interesting.


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  • Even though I'm here in the lecture hall, I can see into the hallway and tell you what's going on in it.


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  • And what is plotted below is the actual wave function, so you can see it starts very high and then the decays down.


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  • I haven't figured out -maybe one of you has a suggestion, especially if we can get a -see what college he was here -we did it in his college because he graduated from Yale.


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  • you can see that already Sal is taking what he can get from this language and transposing it into his experience of reality.


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  • It's interesting I think that - if one thinks of Tony the Tow Truck one can think of-- - when you go home and study it, you'll see what I mean-- there's a complex pattern of imagery, as it were, between pulling and pushing.


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  • They build them, they do what if games, they play with them, and then they try and adjust them to get them right The nice thing here is, you can decide whether you believe momentum and see what it would mean, or not mean, etc.


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  • I just doubled the indentation each time so you can see it. So each successive call, notice what's happening. The argument is getting reduced. And we're going another level in. When we get down to this point, we're calling it with just a string of length one.


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  • Meaning, I'm just going to write a little loop that does that. All right, so let's go back to our code. That's right, let me pull this over a little bit, so I can see it. And what I'd like you to look at, I'm going to highlight it just for a second here, is those two pieces of code.


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  • I'll let you just grok it but you can see it's basically doing what I did over there. Setting up two indices for the two sub-list,it's just walking down, finding the smallest element, putting it into a new list. When it gets to the end of one of the lists, it skips to the next part, and only one of these two pieces will get called because only one of them is going to have things leftovers.


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  • The reason it is so exciting that it's a protein, and it's a protein, this is the structure here, it's a ribbon structure so you can kind of see what it looks like, it's made up of all natural amino acids.


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