• Well, Miletus was on the main routes to all of the places where advanced knowledge could be found, Mesopotamia, Egypt.


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  • It's huge, but it's very well-designed. It's very well-designed. I found that wherever you sat, you had a good view of things.


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  • Easiest to find them in embryos but sometimes they can be found in adult organisms as well.


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  • They'd just say, "Oh well, we got to Egypt and we found out there are a whole lot more gods than we knew about."


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  • So first, you might say, well food is something that's found in nature, that humans have evolved to eat foods that are found in nature.


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  • When Evans found writing at Knossos, he found two-- well, he actually found seven, but only two that turned out to be significant-- two kinds of script.


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  • Well, what she found was that life insurance salespeople were going to families and trying to sell them on life insurance by explaining the concept and they would say something like I did.


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  • Well, Wright himself described that difficulty of writing his autobiography, and these are the terms he used: I found that to tell the truth is the hardest thing on earth, harder than fighting in a war, harder than taking part in a revolution.


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  • You found, I don't remember his stagefright Well, I think there was one moment in his scene like he's standing in front of a crowd, it is supposed to be on a ship, I think.


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  • Well, I guess the craziest one would be that I found my old elementary school art teacher through Facebook.


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  • Aristotle went on to say that the justice needed to control this dark side of human nature can be found only in a well ordered society of free people who govern themselves, and the only one that he knew was the Polis of the Greeks.


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