• Electron affinity is actually the ability of an atom, or we could also talk about an ion to gain electrons.


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  • we are sort of all forced to take part in these different subjects and gain a well-roundedness, so to speak.


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  • The reason I'm showing you this is it that this is a gain, a common trade off in computer science.


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  • Neuropsychologists love when motorcyclists drive without helmets because through their horrible accidents we gain great insights into how the brain works.


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  • So, basically any time we have a really high positive number of electron affinity, it means that that atom or ion really wants to gain another electron, and it will be very stable and happy if it does so.


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  • I'm just part of this long train of things that have happened, that I gain from it and then I can give too.


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  • If it could gain one more electron, then chlorine would be iso-electronic with argon.


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  • It's defined in many ways that "no pain, to gain" paradigm, whether it's education of doctors or in school, as well as generally in the workplace.


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  • you don't lose energy, you can't gain energy.


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  • And it turns out that if you could take it to our own day, there are no limits pretty much to what he can do to gain pleasure.


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  • So, Hobbes clearly believes or thinks that this will be a useful book for a sovereign to read and hoping it will gain the ear of a sympathetic sovereign or potential sovereign.


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  • We think a lot about weight in this country, but weight is a remarkably carefully controlled parameter of a person, that is, you have to work pretty hard to gain weight or to lose weight.


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  • and then you can either... and then you have the chance to gain other one to two points extra.


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  • When men gain weight they tend to distribute it above the waist, abdominal obesity, or what's called the apple shape.


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  • To gain an understanding of some of the issues involved, and the emergence of a tribal structure in the land, it's helpful to know something about the geography of Israel, which is why I have handed out for you a couple of different maps but one that gives you physical features .


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  • I gain new beliefs,new desires,new goals.


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