• And from time to time, particularly in section discussion, you will have occasion to consider the ways in which sometimes in very contradictory ways--over the centuries.


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  • I know, lonely, but that's what happens from time to time.


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  • Yeah, it's kind of a color that you throw in from time to time for special effect.


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  • He has all the information he knows that has been reported on the various elements on file cards He even carried them around in his pocket and he would look at them from time to time and try to devise a scheme.


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  • One thirteenth-century Egyptian papyrus describes Egypt's tight control of her border areas, and another reports some Egyptian officials pursuing some runaway slaves Obviously this happened from time to time, escaping into the desert.


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  • Continual success," he writes in chapter 6, "continual success in obtaining those things which a man from time to time desireth is what is called happiness or felicity.


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  • Now, you don't have to buy that and individuals undoubtedly found the strain too much from time to time, but what's interesting, is rather the ideal, the claim, the theory.


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  • So before we leave it, I've been making a point in this class of coming back to reality from time to time, so this is a very simple model of the soccer game in reality.


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  • And that's something that we'll talk about from time to time in the class, but it's something you'd get more out of,for example, if you studied an art history class, or if you studied a literature class that talked about some of these issues in later European times.


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  • These things happen from time to time, but they happen with enough regularity that there's something we really want to understand as a systematic-- as a systematic phenomenon.


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  • Milton devotes a lot of time in Areopagitica to making a number of attempts to distinguish licensing from censorship.


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  • This goes back in time from the text we were discussing last time in the teens and twenties to 1901.


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  • OK. In the length of time it takes for the light to get from that bulb to the table, this machine processes two operations.


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  • So I think that it's more like how you spend your time doing stuff to have an answer than like something that I've learned specifically from college.


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  • If the time you are interested in is not zero, you're allowed to cancel it and get the time from here.


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  • And from that perspective it looks as though it would be better to know how much time you've got left.


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