• What--So--And it was done by Elliot Aronson who has retired now, but for many years taught at the university of California CaSanta Cruz.


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  • She's been your best friend for many years.


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  • I've been doing this for many years, and all of a sudden comes a sonnet.


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  • He was here at Yale as a visitor in the spring for many years.


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  • Incidentally, they haven't raised the definition of accredited investors for many years.


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  • This was a popular theory for many years.


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  • My roommate for many years was going to medical school as I was going to graduate school, and we found we had so many interesting conversations about chemistry -- her from the context of practicing and using medications and talking about how they worked on a molecular level, and me talking about my research.


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  • Ah, many of you have seen it, it's a great film. It's a true story, it's about Fountainebleu, which is southeast of Paris, sort of a fancy place, and it's about his childhood about French schools. My kids have been in French schools for many years so I know about these places.


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  • He's collected them for many years


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  • Some, like the smallpox vaccine on one exposure generates a very high response that lasts for many years so you don't need a boost.


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  • This is something I've working on for many years and this will be it.


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  • These are very interesting results, but sort of the bias that everything should be done with white males that existed for many years hid some of these really interesting and important interactions that otherwise people didn't know much about.


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  • It is going on for many years actually from the time of operation providr comfort with which I was involved in Northern Iraq when we realised that we would have civilian problems we need to develope civilian capacity to deal with these things.


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  • Here, the relevant thought experiment was suggested by Robert Nozick, a philosopher who died a few years ago, taught for many years at Harvard.


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  • It's at this point that Milton chose for the subject of his epic poem the subject of the tragedy that he'd been contemplating for so many years.


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  • And the history of human rights ; for some people's gonna start thousands of years ago; And for many people was going to start in the Enlightenment.


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